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How to Confront Anti-Catholicism

Hey, Shawn. Hi gentlemen, how are you guys? Good. Hey, you were our first caller at the church hall on our live launch day, weren’t you? That’s correct. I remember you Shawn, welcome back. My question is, a few days ago the New York Times, our so-called paper of record, printed a full-page ad, sponsored… Read More »

Diane Foley, Mother of ISIS-Slain Journalist James Foley, on Overcoming Darkness

I’m humbled and honored to be here before all of you I’m just like you have a daughter a sister a mother like so many of you and I was blessed I am blessed to have had five very beautiful children in a career as a family nurse practitioner but I’m here today to bear… Read More »

Valley Catholic School Gala 2019

Our gala is really important for our community because it’s a way of being able to be supportive fundraising-wise and also in a friendraising way. I love to see the energy around people getting excited about bidding against one another and all for the right reason. And so as they get more excited and the… Read More »