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Food Webs and Energy Pyramids: Bedrocks of Biodiversity

Captions are on! TO turn off, click the CC button at bottom right. Follow the amoebas on Twitter (@amoebasisters) and Facebook! When we were little, we loved nature shows. One reason was because we didn’t have cable and it was one of the few things we actually got a TV signal for that didn’t require… Read More »


I we get in the way to go and another to trip to seaport village, seaport village and we go with mom this time but I will not record the hum of the periods but not other them because my mom don’t want to be and camera okay you are we to IM back same… Read More »

Obesity is a National Security Issue: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling at TEDxMidAtlantic 2012

Translator: Emma Gon Reviewer: Cathrine Ulstrand Hello, my name’s Hertling and I’m a soldier and — you probably could tell that. I’ve been in the military for 38 years. I’m thinking of making it a career. I have seen — (Laughter) — I have seen and studied and analysed all types of security threats. I’ve… Read More »

INSANE Pakistani Food VILLAGE WEDDING! – 4000 PEOPLE ULTRA RARE + BREAKFAST Street Food in Pakistan

How One Kenyan Village Fuels The World’s Fastest Distance Runners | Feed The Flame

(FEED THE FLAME) I’m here in the small village of Iten, Kenya, home to the Kalenjin tribe and some of the world’s most dominant long-distance runners. The Kalenjin tribe makes up 0.6% of the world’s population. They are always in the top 80-90% of long-distance runners in the world at any given time. I’ve been… Read More »

Ecosystem Ecology: Links in the Chain – Crash Course Ecology #7

There’s a lot of ideas that we just assume that we know a lot about because we hear about them all the time. For instance, I know what pop music is, but if you were to corner me at a party and say, “Hank, what is pop music?”, I’d be like, “It’s, uh…it’s like, uh…the… Read More »

4,500 Meter VILLAGE FOOD – Heavenly Yamdrok Lake, Tibet!

– Good morning, hope you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in Tibet with Travel China Tibet, and today we’re driving form Lhasa to Yamdrok Lake, which is a high elevation, it’s a sacred lake in Tibet. And so we’re gonna walk around the lake, we’re gonna tour the lake, and then we’ll… Read More »

British Priest reacts to BILLIE EILISH for the first time…

Hi, I’m Josh, I’m Olly I’m Rev Chris and today we are gonna be reviewing Billy Eilish videos Yeah, any eyelash Billy I wish I’d said she didn’t like the top five musical artists right now How old is she she huge and she’s very young the first video we’re gonna watch is you should… Read More »

Visiting Forgotten Heroes with “Mission Village”, “Lebanese Food Bank” and “The Volunteer Circle”

I’m Aline Tawk, I’m a mother of 3… I saw the Ad of the Lebanese Food Bank on Facebook honestly… I really liked the idea, i felt that it touched me personally. There’s nothing better than cooking for people who are hungry, and in need. I’m doing this with all my heart… for everyone in… Read More »