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British Priest reacts to BILLIE EILISH for the first time…

Hi, I’m Josh, I’m Olly I’m Rev Chris and today we are gonna be reviewing Billy Eilish videos Yeah, any eyelash Billy I wish I’d said she didn’t like the top five musical artists right now How old is she she huge and she’s very young the first video we’re gonna watch is you should… Read More »

Visiting Forgotten Heroes with “Mission Village”, “Lebanese Food Bank” and “The Volunteer Circle”

I’m Aline Tawk, I’m a mother of 3… I saw the Ad of the Lebanese Food Bank on Facebook honestly… I really liked the idea, i felt that it touched me personally. There’s nothing better than cooking for people who are hungry, and in need. I’m doing this with all my heart… for everyone in… Read More »

Alternative churches: the future of religion?

So Lord God send us forth, in love, in hope. What you’re seeing could become the future of church. No pews, often not on Sundays, and much more inclusive. Alternative churches have sprung up in the hundreds across the US in recent years, as institutionalized religion sees continuous decline. The landscape of American religion is… Read More »

Sonny Tau receives fine, community service and curfew over poached kererū

Sonny Tau has just been sentenced for charges relating to the hunting and possession of kereru. For all the details, let’s cross to reporter Irena Smith in our Auckland newsroom, Irena. Sonny Tau has been fined $24,500 for hunting and possessing kereru. For attempting to divert the course of justice, he is under curfew and… Read More »

Hispanic Heritage Month | Your South Florida

We don’t want open borders. We don’t want people to come and go without a legal system of immigration. However, let’s not forget our immigrant roots and let’s not forget the generosity of the American heart, because that’s really who we are as a people. This Hispanic Heritage Month former United States Senator Mel Martinez… Read More »

British Priest Reviews Dank Christian Memes!?

Hai, saya Josh. Hai, saya Ollie dan saya Rev. Chris dan kami sangat riang kerana hari ini, kami akan mengulas meme Kristian yang dingin Meme Kristian dingin!? Apa itu “dingin” ? Saya rasa ia bermaksud “bagus”, bukan? Jadi nampaknya, maksud rasminya ialah “lembap dan sejuk”. Tetapi “meme dingin” merujuk kepada kandungan internet yang tular akibat… Read More »

Mike’s Manhattan College Story

>>Eric: Hey. Yeah, I’m back [laughs]. Oh, it was great, man. Italy is the greatest study abroad trip yet. Argentina? It’s a close second, but Italy definitely takes the cake. But your internship made California sound awesome. Uhh, good question. Probably… Professor Wanger’s class, Aspects of Italian Culture. Yeah, man. You know, I didn’t realize… Read More »

Ecology – Rules for Living on Earth: Crash Course Biology #40

For the last 38 episodes of Crash Course Biology, we’ve talked about how to make an organism. And you know what I’ve learned in those 38 weeks? Putting a living thing together is hard! There are molecules that make up organelles that run cells, which come together to form tissues, which make up organs that… Read More »