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Faith and Reason | Catholic Central

KAI: You know, Libby, thanks to science and reason, we know there are about a billion trillion stars in the Universe. (owl hooting) LIBBY: And thanks to faith, we have a sense of awe and wonder at our place in all that. Even though we can only see like seven stars here in L.A. (traffic… Read More »

The Rosary | Catholic Central

(background chatter) (metal detector beeping) SECURITY LIBBY: Sir, I’m gonna need to search you. You have something with a suspicious shape in your pocket. PASSENGER KAI: Oh, you mean my weapon. SECURITY LIBBY: Whoa! slowly sir! KAI: No, no, no it’s a spiritual weapon. (upbeat guitar and piano music) LIBBY: Hi! I’m Libby. KAI: And… Read More »

Lent | Catholic Central

LIBBY: Hey, Kai, uh, what’s up? KAI: Well, Libby, I really want to do Lent right this year, you know? LIBBY: All right, take a seat, let’s get started. KAI: Oh no, no sitting or reclining for me during Lent, it’s far too comfortable. Also no solid foods, no clothing fresh out of the dryer,… Read More »

What’s up with Catholics? (Ash Wednesday edition)

(upbeat music) KAI: Hi, I’m Kai, and this is your Ash Wednesday Catholic update. Dan and Stephanie O’Connor of Silver Spring, Maryland, plan on celebrating their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple by staring at each other’s ashes, drinking water, and meditating on the inevitability of death. Have fun, kids. Eager parishioners at St.… Read More »

Easter Traditions | Catholic Central

(whistling) LIBBY: They’re to dye for. (laughing) (man clearing throat) KAI: Oh, hey, um, hm. LIBBY: Hi. KAI: Hi. (upbeat music) (whistling) KAI: I’m Kai. LIBBY: And I’m Libby. KAI: On today’s episode of Catholic Central, we’ll be talking about the most joyful event in human history. LIBBY: Which surprisingly, is not the day humans… Read More »

Prayer | Catholic Central

LIBBY: Hail Mary, full of grace, help us find a parking space. KAI: Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts LIBBY: This is a new car, there’s no eating in here. Dear Lord, please help Kai respect the upholstery. KAI: God, please help Libby use prayer to connect with You instead of just being… Read More »

Gospels | Catholic Central

LIBBY GROUPIE: So, what are you reading? KAI GROUPIE: Oh, I’m reading Aron Ralston’s autobiography. He’s the guy who got trapped in a canyon and had to — LIBBY GROUPIE: Oh, yeah. And he had to cut off his own arm to get out, it’s crazy. KAI GROUPIE: Yeah. Did you read it? LIBBY GROUPIE:… Read More »

Catholic Dating | Catholic Central

(gaming music) LIBBY: Wow, is this best the Catholic Church has on dating advice? KAI: We’ve got a lot of work to do, Libby. LIBBY: We? (upbeat music) KAI: Welcome to Catholic Central. I’m Kai. LIBBY: And I’m Libby. So, Catholic dating. How are we supposed to do it? KAI: What does dating even mean?… Read More »

Mary | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) LIBBY: Please let the show go well today — KAI: Hey, Libby. LIBBY: Bless our crew and our director — KAI: Oh sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. LIBBY: And our viewers, and please let Kai be prepared today — KAI: I’m always prepared. LIBBY: Through the intercession of Our Lady, amen. KAI: Oh… Read More »