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Reflection on Advent | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) LIBBY: So, Advent. The four weeks before Christmas that you have to slog through before you finally get something new and shiny, right? Well, maybe, but only if you ignore the lessons of this liturgical season. Advent starts the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and is a time when Catholics focus on the themes… Read More »

Marriage | Catholic Central

KAI: What you watching? LIBBY: Marriage Hacks for the Lazy and Self-Absorbed. KAI: As if you could learn anything about marriage from a four-minute video. LIBBY: Seriously, I mean covering the complex issues of a major lifetime commitment like marriage shouldn’t be at least five minutes. KAI: Six to get to the Catholic stuff. (upbeat… Read More »

How do I counsel a Reformed mother who is married to a Roman Catholic?

MacArthur: Well, I guess I live in that world a lot, because Southern California’s so many Hispanic people there, and it’s very common. And even some people from Asia, who have been raised as Catholics — we see a spouse coming to Christ, and that is a very, very common kind of experience. And it… Read More »

Dope Dealer to Hope Dealer | Nathan Scheer | TEDxFondduLac

Translator: Asmaa Badawy Reviewer: David DeRuwe In June 2008, I was T-boned while driving down a local street on the way with my wife and my son to go shopping. That car accident caused my right shoulder to be displaced, causing surgery, causing three years of pain doctors. It also introduced me to opiate pain… Read More »

Forces of Evil | Catholic Central

(horror music) LIBBY: Boo! KAI: Ah! OLD MAN: Shhh! LIBBY: (whispering) Oh come on, it’s just a movie. KAI: Exorcisms are real. LIBBY: Real, but rare. (screams in movie) (horror music) (Catholic Central theme music plays) KAI: Hi, I’m Libby. Welcome to Catholic Central. KAI: And I’m Kai. Today, our topic is the forces of… Read More »

Greek Catholic – Family To Family

Family to Family program has gave a big support for the families in Aleppo As a Greek Catholic church, we had a big share as a part of this supporting initiative Especially that the economic and social aspects of the lives of the Syrian family has deteriorated greatly Hence, this support has helped in rising… Read More »

Fun time at the fishing village [The Return of Superman/2019.06.16]

Gunhoo and Naeun are on a walk in a fishing village. Is the air nice or what? (It’s nice!) (Should I run in the clean air?) (Barking!) What? (What? What is that sound?) (Surprise guests visited their home last week.) That’s right. He made memories with puppies. – Coco and Bori. / – He thinks… Read More »

National Museum of Natural History – Student Orientation Video

[music] [pause] GLORIA: Hi, I’m Gloria. NICK: And I’m Nick. We’d like to welcome you to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. GLORIA: Since the Museum opened in 1910 more people have visited here than any other Museum in the world. NICK: It contains more than 126 million specimens, artifacts, field notes and… Read More »

Feminism | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) KAI: Well, Libby, I’m gonna let you take the lead today, ’cause I obviously can’t call myself a feminist. LIBBY: Because you want to slack off, while I do all the work. KAI: I’m holding this for someone. LIBBY: Uh-huh. KAI: I better go give it to him … her … it’s a… Read More »