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Church History in 5 Moments | Catholic Central

– How old are you here? – Uh, like three I guess. – You haven’t changed a bit. – What? But I’m so much taller! And I’ve got this deep voice. And I don’t play with toys anymore. – Well, you can change and still stay the same, you know, you’re like a tadpole, or… Read More »

Key Family Finding Strategy: Knowing the Complete Name

Hi. This is Richard Villasana, the Mexico Guru. Today I’ll be talking about doing family finding for relatives living in Mexico. One of the most fundamental and critical pieces of information you must have to begin to identify a relative is the person’s name. Now as simple as this sounds, we spend more time educating… Read More »

The Mass | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) KAI: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this special addition of Catholic Central. I’m Kai. LIBBY: And I’m Libby, coming to you live from beautiful Saint Monica’s church in downtown Santa Monica California. KAI: Where the crowds are already gathering. It’ the event you’ve waited for all week. LIBBY: Sunday Mass… Read More »

What’s Catholic? | Catholic Central

(upbeat music) LIBBY: Hi, I’m Libby. KAI: And I’m Kai. LIBBY: This is Catholic Central. KAI: And today, we’re gonna be talking about the Albigensian Heresy of the late 12th century. LIBBY: No, the topic is what’s Catholic. KAI: Oh, well then, how would you describe me in a few words? LIBBY: Well unprepared, and… Read More »

Corporal Works of Mercy | Catholic Central

WHINY KAI: (sighs) The reception here is so bad I can’t even livestream these videos of baby goats. DOWN-ON-HER-LUCK-LIBBY Oh I know, so inconvenient, right? Millennials. (cat screeching) (upbeat music) LIBBY: Welcome to Catholic Central, I’m Libby. KAI: And I’m Kai. Today we’re talking about the corporal works of mercy. LIBBY: Corporal comes from the… Read More »

Who Is Jesus? | Catholic Central

KAI: Hey, Libby, what’s up? LIBBY: Hey. You know, there’s so much artwork about Jesus over the centuries. Do you think He looked like Headshot Jesus? KAI: I don’t know, what about Superhero Jesus? (triumphant orchestral music) Or, my personal favorite, Touchdown Jesus. (crowd cheering) LIBBY: Yeah, but what did He really look like? Maybe… Read More »

Faith and Reason | Catholic Central

KAI: You know, Libby, thanks to science and reason, we know there are about a billion trillion stars in the Universe. (owl hooting) LIBBY: And thanks to faith, we have a sense of awe and wonder at our place in all that. Even though we can only see like seven stars here in L.A. (traffic… Read More »

The Rosary | Catholic Central

(background chatter) (metal detector beeping) SECURITY LIBBY: Sir, I’m gonna need to search you. You have something with a suspicious shape in your pocket. PASSENGER KAI: Oh, you mean my weapon. SECURITY LIBBY: Whoa! slowly sir! KAI: No, no, no it’s a spiritual weapon. (upbeat guitar and piano music) LIBBY: Hi! I’m Libby. KAI: And… Read More »

Lent | Catholic Central

LIBBY: Hey, Kai, uh, what’s up? KAI: Well, Libby, I really want to do Lent right this year, you know? LIBBY: All right, take a seat, let’s get started. KAI: Oh no, no sitting or reclining for me during Lent, it’s far too comfortable. Also no solid foods, no clothing fresh out of the dryer,… Read More »

I Wanna Be a Social Worker · A Day In The Life Of A Social Worker

Let’s face it, sometimes life can get tough and for some people those tough times are far harder than those of the average person. Times where people can feel alone or as if they have nowhere else to turn. Social workers are unique group of people who help those who feel helpless. People dealing with… Read More »