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Senior fitness workouts – working with you to achieve your goals

The therapists really help me, are terrific about they they encourage you they can tell you off in a really nice way so that you sort of realise that you’ve got to try a little bit harder or you’ve got to change something along the way and they reassess me every few months to see… Read More »

Service Learning: Where education meets community needs

And now we’re going to switch to our next one. Has anyone had beets before? We’re going to be doing compressions on these mannequins– At EVMS, service learning is an outgrowth of who we are. To get out into our community, to get to go to the schools and speak with the citizens and people… Read More »

Tour Manhattan College with James

>>James: Welcome everyone. This is Manhattan College, a private Catholic college that has a small-town feel in one of the biggest cities in the world. I’m James, computer science major, junior. So you’ll be here a lot. These librarians can help you find, whatever it is you’re looking for. The O’Malley library is home with… Read More »