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fabio rocha – Livro “Envio em Missão dois a dois às Nações” (caminho neocatecumenal)

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who really know me knows that I’m a member of the Neocatechumenal Way [NCW], a charism of the Church, a communal journey of faith. The NCW (aka “The Way”) is a fruit of the Second Vatican Council. It was initiated by a man called Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – Why Observe the Sacraments?

I’ve heard of sacraments. What are they? Why do we have to observe the sacraments? I keep the sacraments… mostly. The Baltimore Catechism says that “a sacrament is an external sign instituted by Christ to confer grace.” What does that mean? It means that Jesus has set up for us, in the Church, a way… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – Is It Wrong to be Rich?

Just because I was born in America, does that mean I’m more privileged than everybody else in the world? Is it wrong to be rich and have nice things? Just because someone’s poor doesn’t mean I have to be. I was blessed to do four years of mission work in the Dominican Republic; working with… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What Makes a Happy Family?

Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother. Oh, I don’t know. It might be pretty tough to honor MY father and mother. I never really had a father in my life. What makes for a happy family? When I think of the fourth commandment, honor your father and your mother, I think of my… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What is Sin?

How do we really know when something is right or wrong? Mom, how do I really know what I’m doing is a sin? That’s a good question. What is sin and are all sins the same? We’ve been talking about freedom, not as license, not as the ability to do whatever we want, but rather… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What’s the Story on Creation?

What do Catholics believe about Creation? Did God really create all of this? Science says one thing and faith seems to tell me something else. Have you ever wondered why you’re here or where you’re going? Why anything exists in the first place? We’ve all asked ourselves those questions. For us as believers, the answer… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What’s Up with Catholics and Saints?

A lot of my non-Catholic friends have questions about saints. Are we supposed to be worshipping saints? Mom, how do you even become a saint? All the saints just seem kind of “old.” Are there any modern-day saints? Catholics are really into saints. We have St. Anthony, St. Francis, St. Therese. All of our churches,… Read More »

New Evangelization and the Human Desire for Christ

Yesterday we began meditating upon strategies of evangelization as we find them in the Acts of the Apostles. We considered how it was the desire for the salvation of the jailer’s soul that kept Paul and Silas in prison, for even when the doors had been opened by the angel, they did not leave. So… Read More »

DCCatholic | World Cup and the Catholic Church | Man on the Street

Hi! I’m Johnathon Lewis of DC Catholic. Starting July 15th we host our summer TED-Talk-inspired Theology on Tap series, ToT Talks; inspiring stories worth sharing. Today I’m downtown DC asking people about the most inspirational part of the summer – World Cup soccer! So, who’s your team? Uh,Japan. Argentina. USA, obviously. Auf geht’s Deutschland! (Let’s… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What are the Marks of the Church?

What does it mean when they say the Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic? The Creed is so wordy! Catholic…apostolic…it makes my head spin! I know I’m Catholic. I try to be holy. What is apostolic? Apostolic Church! What is that? Every Sunday in the Nicene Creed at Mass, we profess that the Church… Read More »