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Ecological ECOSYS® Product Packaging

Let Kyocera lighten your supply chain. Kyocera’s ECOSYS® printer, MFP, and product packaging has been designed to be environmentally conscious. At Kyocera, we are committed to pursuing a balance between economic development and environmental preservation in an effort to keeping our future green. Our ECOSYS Technology is built on the core values of ecology, economy,… Read More »

Responding Faithfully to the Ecological Crisis: The Role of Science in Orthodox Environmental Ethics

Your All-Holiness, I would like to start this out with a quote from the Book of Revelations “Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees.” (Revelations 7:3) The natural world surrounding us is, for most of us, filled with beauty and wonder. We are moved equally by the dignity of an old pine… Read More »

Alaska’s Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge

Spring usually comes slowly to the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta There’s an expectancy, there’s an anticipation that you have and it just takes a few more days of warmth, a few more days of sunlight, for that life to come bursting forth. The land is going to start filling up with birds. good on ok If… Read More »

Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation

The Ecology Center

Welcome to The Ecology Center! What started with an old home on an empty dirt lot, is now an ecological oasis. It’s a model for how our homes can be sustainable and healthy places! Visitors can learn how to grow their own food with simple methods like raised bed gardens or more modern methods like… Read More »

How Ecology supports sustainable lending

Ecology is different because we believe it’s possible to build a better greener society and because we’re owned by our members we bring people together and use money to have a positive impact on the world we share by helping people to build or renovate homes, supporting renewable energy and community-led housing projects that help… Read More »

Maharashtra drought: This Indian village budgets every drop of water

To check the depth (of groundwater) Subtract the length of the wire overground from its total length The water level is at 18 feet 4 inches VSRT monitors the problems of the village like lack of water, teaching farmers new techniques bringing in water saving techniques like drip irrigation organic farming like bringing down the… Read More »

Pollution: Crash Course Ecology #11

I think we should do this one outside. This is better. This is beautiful. Just, oh, of course… except for this. Litter – is a kind of pollution, but like barely. Like, I would rather it not be here. It makes me kind of angry and it makes nature less pretty, but environmentally, there’s a… Read More »