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Health and Social Care job profile: Service Assistant

My names Jordon and i’m a Service assistant in the Ulster hospital. Porters basically are the backbone of the hospital. Anything that needs done we will normally get the call to go do it. So my job is basically patient care that could be anything from patient transfers, to getting units of blood for the… Read More »

#EmployersTalk: Novotel North York

[Music Plays while showing intro image and #EmployersTalk ] [Alena M., HR Manager at Novotel North York speaks on camera, in front hotel entrance] With more than 400 hotels and resorts in 61 countries Novotel Hotel invites the guests to enjoy its unique hospitality. A combination of simplicity and elegance. We love our guests to… Read More »

Economic Update: An Unsustainable System

Welcome friends to another edition of economic update a regular weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives jobs debts those of our kids coming down the road the incomes we need to have a decent life all of that I’m your host Richard Wolff I’ve been a professor of economics all my… Read More »

Social and Community Service Worker (Episode 103)

Helping communities takes a special set of skills. Our next guest is on the front line, ready to lend a hand. Today, we’ll learn about the rewarding career of the social and community service worker. Hi! Hi, there, I’m Viviana. I’m Brenda Baptiste. Welcome to the Osoyoos Indian Band. Thank you! I’m Brenda Baptiste. I’m… Read More »