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How Ecology supports sustainable lending

Ecology is different because we believe it’s possible to build a better greener society and because we’re owned by our members we bring people together and use money to have a positive impact on the world we share by helping people to build or renovate homes, supporting renewable energy and community-led housing projects that help… Read More »

The Hydrologic and Carbon Cycles: Always Recycle! – Crash Course Ecology #8

Adorable story alert! So I was hanging out with my 2-year-old second cousin in the ocean in Florida and we’re jumping up and down with the waves and it’s fun but then the water got all calm and I said, “Oh, no more waves!,” because, like, that’s the top tier of communication I’m going for… Read More »

The Internationalist Commune Of Rojava: Building An Ecological Society

LBW: As is mentioned in the book the capitalist mode of production when it comes to agriculture is really just based on kind of a you know it’s a growth model it’s like how can we maximize agricultural production how can we push that as far as possible and it doesn’t take into account the… Read More »

Touching Eternity: Thich Nhat Hanh on Ecological Collapse | 2012 03 18

Good morning dear Sangha. Today is Sunday, March 18, 2012 and we are in the Upper Hamlet, during our Spring Retreat. Very nice to hear the sounds of the rain. And when you breathe in mindfully with concentration, you can also touch eternity. And when you make a step mindfully and with concentration, you can… Read More »

Pollution: Crash Course Ecology #11

I think we should do this one outside. This is better. This is beautiful. Just, oh, of course… except for this. Litter – is a kind of pollution, but like barely. Like, I would rather it not be here. It makes me kind of angry and it makes nature less pretty, but environmentally, there’s a… Read More »

A Study in Stream Ecology

[Intro Music begins] [Steven Sobieszczyk] Each year USGS scientists systematically assess the ecological health and water-quality conditions in streams and rivers across the United States. This research plays a vital role in land management and natural resource decisions around the country. Contrary to popular belief, these extensive data collection efforts completed by researchers in the… Read More »

Ecological Relationships

Captions are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. Hear updates by following us on Twitter (@AmoebaSisters) or Facebook! I really did not like sandboxes as a kid. It’s not that I have a problem with sand or sand on the beach for sand castles. Just sand boxes. See, as a little kid,… Read More »

Ecosystem Ecology: Links in the Chain – Crash Course Ecology #7

There’s a lot of ideas that we just assume that we know a lot about because we hear about them all the time. For instance, I know what pop music is, but if you were to corner me at a party and say, “Hank, what is pop music?”, I’d be like, “It’s, uh…it’s like, uh…the… Read More »