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Sesame Street: Gina Explains Service Dogs

GINA: Give. Good boy. Yes, yes, yes. ELMO: Gina! Hi, Gina. GINA: Hi. Hello. ELMO: What kind of job is this dog doing? GINA: Oh. Well, this is Hercules, and Hercules is a service dog. ELMO: Hi, Hercules. Hi. Boy, that sounds important. What’s a service dog? GINA: Oh. A service dog is a dog… Read More »

Learning Control | Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation

CESAR: Sho ‘Nuff was rescued from a Korean dog meat market. But since coming to America, he’s been acting dangerously around other dogs. At my Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles, I can work with him off-leash in a safe place. OLGA: I’m excited. CESAR: And hopefully, take the next step in his rehabilitation. OSCAR:… Read More »

“Achmed The Dead Terrorist’s ‘lame’ dog” | Controlled Chaos | JEFF DUNHAM

– You do seem like you’ve been in a pretty good mood, lately. – Do you know why? – No. – Because, like Santa Claus, I have been making a list of people to kill, twice. (audience laughing) – Santa doesn’t kill people. – He does if he’s Terror Claus. – Terror Claus, never heard… Read More »

Moto Tour 2012: Et Dieu créa la moto ET le side-car (épisode 1/3)

God created the Bike and the Sidecar Very quickly on the 8th day, because God already got everything and he was bored, like Adam and his apple by the way God created the bike to break the boredom of this little world. The Bike was fabulous, the human felt good and moreover free to go… Read More »