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Bruin Voices #9 – Kamal Bewar

>>Hello. My name is Kamal Bewar. I work here at the Salt Lake Community College as a financial aid advisor. Today’s topic is going to be understanding and supporting unique struggle of the immigrant students at SLCC. So, the first topic is — I want to let you know, immigrants versus refugees along with the… Read More »

Alternative churches: the future of religion?

So Lord God send us forth, in love, in hope. What you’re seeing could become the future of church. No pews, often not on Sundays, and much more inclusive. Alternative churches have sprung up in the hundreds across the US in recent years, as institutionalized religion sees continuous decline. The landscape of American religion is… Read More »

What Does Inclusion Mean to You?

For me, inclusion personally really is about creating a world where the kinds of relationships that can happen between people are full and varied. My parents are both black and were both born in the era of the Great Depression in segregated Alabama. So for them, their world did not include the possibility of interracial… Read More »

Asian American Health Forum

– Good afternoon. – Good afternoon. – Thank you, thank you. My name is Aldon Landry, I’m the Faculty Assistant Director for the Office for Diversity Inclusion in Community Partnership and I wanna welcome you to our equity and social justice lecture on Asian-American health. I am excited to hear the presentations from our keynote… Read More »