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Bishop Deshotel to address sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

this weekend Catholics all across Acadiana will hear a message from Bishop J Douglas desi tell about the sexual abuse of children in the church the bishops message comes amid that grand jury report in Pennsylvania where more than 300 priests were accused of sexually abusing more than 1000 children over decades the church sex… Read More »

Family with ties to Catholic Church files lawsuit against priest and diocese

tonight a family of three Parrish family is filing a lawsuit against the Diocese of Lafayette and the church’s latest priest sex abuse case a teenager is suing along with his parents his father is a deacon in the church deputies say the priest in question father Michael Guidry confessed to molesting the teen when… Read More »

Parishioners of the Diocese of Lafayette react to allegations against Catholic Church

[Music] Catholics that are working within the church and they feel like the church does abandon them tonight a st. Landry Parish teenager and his parents suing the Diocese of Lafayette and the priests accused of molesting him thanks for joining us that teen filed the suit along with his parents his father is a… Read More »