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A Message From the Dean: John G. Rangos, Sr. School of Health Sciences

[Music] My name is Dr. Fevzi Akinci. I am the dean of the John G. Rangos Sr. School of the Health Sciences at Duquesne University. At Rangos we currently offer Bachelor’s Degree programs, Master’s Degree programs, as well as Doctorate-level programs. Given their excellent education and outstanding performance on national licensure exams and credentialing exams,… Read More »

Advocating for equitable access to health services

Throughout her career, Gloria Sutherland has been a strong advocate for equity and access to health services, with a lifetime of service to the community in regional, state and national roles. As Director of Kimberly Population Health in remote Western Australia, she negotiated partnerships with a range of individuals, organisations and groups spread across the… Read More »

Charlie Davis – Staying True to your mission

CHARLIE DAVIS: Thank you, Thomas. It’s great to be here. Thank you. THOMAS: I not going to take any more of your time. CHARLIE DAVIS: Thank you, Thomas. Yeah, I’m pushing you off. No introductions. First of all, it is great to be here. I don’t get out of the Y environment much, so I… Read More »

The difference between psychology and social work

Psychology evolved from the disciplines of physiology and philosophy. It developed from a focus on understanding how the mind works and how sensations experienced become transported into conscious awareness. The Social Work profession was born out of church and charity work hundreds of years ago. The first social work school was established in New Zealand… Read More »

Master of Human Rights: Make a difference in the world

>>So my arts practice and my life in general has always been around social justice issues and trying to answer questions why some people are treated differently to others.>>I was working as a lawyer for very rich people, for companies, and I wanted to you know use my knowledge for something a bit more rewarding,… Read More »

My Embarrassing & Weird Old Art

I got up this morning and I said to myself, “You know what would do wonders for my self-esteem?” Showing over 300,000 people my absurdly embarrassing old art from animation school that I probably should have burned by now! Hello my geeks and peeps my explainers and entertainers my little uh lollies Rebecca param here… Read More »