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Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

– Hello and welcome to the third webinar in the series brought to you by Strengthening the Heartland. And this is a project that is a collaboration between SDSU and NDSU Extension. We’re devoted to bringing you some resources and awareness to some topics related to opioid misuse. So, my name is Amber Letcher, I… Read More »

Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault Reveal an Important Truth

I was sexually abused when I was about eight, by an older male cousin. I have been sexually assaulted on four different occasions. I was six years-old the first time that I was molested. A neighbor named Hank took me into his house. And at first it was hugging, and then his hands traveled, and… Read More »

Is Oral Sex a Sin in Marriage? | Dave and Ashley Willis

– Hey guys, Dave and Ashley Willis here with MarriageToday. And we are excited about today’s topic. It’s one of the most common questions that we get. And it’s kind of a hot topic, I guess. And the question is, cutting right to the chase, is oral sex a sin in marriage? And sweetie, why… Read More »