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The Rainbow Village | Indonesia Discoveries | World Nomads

– [Jo Voiceover] Today on Discoveries Indonesia, we’re going to explore one of the hidden gems of Semarang. And I’ll learn the inspiring story of a community who by picking up a paint brush transformed their village into a vibrant landmark. (tribal music) Welcome to the Rainbow Village. (lighthearted music) – We were in a… Read More »

Dope Dealer to Hope Dealer | Nathan Scheer | TEDxFondduLac

Translator: Asmaa Badawy Reviewer: David DeRuwe In June 2008, I was T-boned while driving down a local street on the way with my wife and my son to go shopping. That car accident caused my right shoulder to be displaced, causing surgery, causing three years of pain doctors. It also introduced me to opiate pain… Read More »

VA Community Care Network (CCN)

NARRATOR: The Department of Veterans Affairs Community Care Network, or CCN, is VA’s direct link with community providers to ensure we provide Veterans with timely, high-quality health care. CCN serves as a contract vehicle and a network of high-performing, credentialed community providers that VA partners with to provide health care to Veterans in their local… Read More »

CompoSecure Wins 2019 Community Service Award

CompoSecure is the industry leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of premium metal credit cards for some of the world’s most premier financial institutions. One of our core values at CompoSecure is to give back to our community through volunteer hours and donations. We proactively support organizations in our community who create a… Read More »

America has outgrown its ‘Judeo-Christian’ label. What’s next? | Eboo Patel

When I go to college campuses, one of the ways I like to open my talk is I say, when the Mayflower Pilgrims landed on the eastern seaboard and they approached Plymouth Rock, they dusted it off, they saw etched on the stone the words, “Judeo-Christian nation.” And there’ll be a long pause, and all… Read More »

A New Chapter: Community Plumbing Challenge, Navajo Nation

We are Plumbers, Builders, Engineers, and Inspectors. We are professionals. We are craftspeople, and we are codes and standards. We are expertise, effort and energy. We are high-quality. We are hard-working, and we are passionate. We are Housing For Health. We are collaboration. We are partners, and we are community. We are skills. We are… Read More »