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LCIF Empowering Service: Change for Change

[MUSIC PLAYING] This dog is leading the way to change with change. Let’s find out how. Change for change. Change for change. Collecting change is something every Lions Club can do. If everyone in their community gave just one cent, that would be a lot of money coming. You’d be surprised how much money you… Read More »

LCIF Empowering Service: See a Brighter Future

[POP MUSIC] Check out our super cool Campaign 100 glasses. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. How cool are these glasses? These are cool. We can see the world through rose-colored glasses here. What is your dream that you would like to achieve with the help of LCIF and Campaign 100? The fight on diabetes.… Read More »

Creative Community Service Ideas for Kids Age 5 to 12

Hey there! It can be hard to find volunteer opportunities for kids – especially kids under age 12 – but there are plenty of ways that kids can make an impact through community service and I’m going to share several of them with you today. Welcome back! For those new to my channel my name… Read More »

Innovative Community Service Ideas For Teens! (Part 1) | #Volunteer

If you’re wondering what kinds of community service opportunities you can do as a teenager to make a big impact, or having difficulty finding opportunities to join in because of your age, this video is for you! There’s so much good stuff to share on this topic that I’m actually breaking this down into two… Read More »