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15 Adults Knew of Penn State Sex Abuse, Reminds of Catholic Church

david patten insure david dot com depends state sexual abuse pedophilia scandal continues to unravel louis and i couldn’t think of any sicker hiring than the fact that accused coach jerry sandusky wrote an autobiography titled touched the jerry sandusky story which was published in two thousand one um… this is uh… it’s it’s a… Read More »

TCC Report: Social Justice Week & Talon’s Market

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of the TCC Report, I’m Elton Gumbel. College life is full of decisions.. Should you major in theater or computer programming? Welding or poly sci? Should you study for the big test, or go party? I hope you choose to study. One choice no college student should… Read More »

EducationUSA | Finance Your Studies (September 2017)

[MUSIC PLAYING] MR. ALFRED M. BOLL: Good morning and good evening. My name is Alfred Boll, and I represent the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department of State in Washington DC. The goal of today’s interactive web chat is to provide you with information about current topics related to American higher… Read More »

“He Will Continue to Strengthen Our Catholic Identity”

Today was just an amazing day of grace and joy. To see someone like Father Dave come back to the University, our first alumni president, he has such a firm grasp of what this university needs. He has such a passion for what it stands for in its mission and to have him come in… Read More »

Some History of Old Chapel at UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Old Chapel speaks to our pride of the past and it signals to our even brighter future. In 2012, I was interviewing for this job and my escort was bringing me to the center of campus. Old Chapel is the most recognizable building of all the campus. I automatically started turning into… Read More »

Nelson Rockefeller: Still Influencing People, Christine Todd Whitman

– Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Andrew Samwick and I’m the Director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center here at Dartmouth. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the second of our centennial lectures. Governor Christine Todd Whitman will be speaking with us today about Nelson Rockefeller, still influencing people, power… Read More »

TEDxUW – Tanya De Mello – Here’s how you get a job at the UN

Translator: Deborah Oliveira Reviewer: Denise RQ Whenever people find out that I have worked in the United Nations and I have worked in war-torn countries, with refugees all over the world, the first question they want to know is, “How did you end up at the UN? Tell me how to get there. I am… Read More »

Developmental Services Worker – Durham College

Developmental service worker program is helping people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, um, as well as physical disabilities, it’s helping them, sort of get integrated in the community. When people think of developmental disabilities they automatically think of, you know, autism and down syndrome, but there is so much more out there as well.… Read More »