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Charlie Davis – Staying True to your mission

CHARLIE DAVIS: Thank you, Thomas. It’s great to be here. Thank you. THOMAS: I not going to take any more of your time. CHARLIE DAVIS: Thank you, Thomas. Yeah, I’m pushing you off. No introductions. First of all, it is great to be here. I don’t get out of the Y environment much, so I… Read More »

President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

Joshua DuBois: Well, good morning, everyone. Oh, come on, good morning. (applause) This is an exciting day to be at the White House, huh. I want to thank all of you for coming from around the country to participate in this convening for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, the kick-off for the… Read More »

Campus Conversations — Service in the Community

[ Background music ]>>Today it’s all about the community. You’ve heard us say it many times before your community’s college is Montgomery College. Coming up next on Campus Conversations we’ll talk about how Montgomery College programs, employees and students are serving your communities. [ Music ]>>Jason Rivera: Hi I’m Jason Rivera and this is Campus… Read More »

Manhattanville College- Why Mville: Community Service and Career Opportunities

If you’re thinking about coming to Manhattanville, I would say do it. I wish I could go back and do it again to be honest with you. The mix of the importance of community service and how much everyone values community service and philanthropy on this campus is amazing, but then also that small atmosphere… Read More »

Chatapalooza — Community Service in Hanover and Beyond

>>2012. This chat is going to be focused on religious and spiritual life at Dartmouth and this is an opportunity for you to ask us your questions. So all you have to do is just post your questions on the chat box right below the screen and we’ll be able to answer them. So to… Read More »

Stan Chu Ilo on Pentecostal and Charismatic Catholic Movements in Africa

– Well, thanks for coming out everyone today. My name’s Tom Landy, Director of the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics, and Culture. Welcome to Rehm Library and to this afternoon’s event. This is part of one of the Center’s major initiatives called Catholics and Cultures, which explores the religious lives and practices of contemporary Catholics… Read More »

Welcome to Holy Cross, Class of 2023!

– [Together] Welcome to Holy Cross! – [All] Welcome to Holy Cross! – Welcome to Holy Cross! – Welcome to Holy Cross! (cheering) – Holy Cross! – I feel good. I was nervous, but, you know, once I got in here and everyone kind of, brought all my stuff in and seeing everybody all excited,… Read More »

Mike’s Manhattan College Story

>>Eric: Hey. Yeah, I’m back [laughs]. Oh, it was great, man. Italy is the greatest study abroad trip yet. Argentina? It’s a close second, but Italy definitely takes the cake. But your internship made California sound awesome. Uhh, good question. Probably… Professor Wanger’s class, Aspects of Italian Culture. Yeah, man. You know, I didn’t realize… Read More »

Seeking Justice Through Stories: Immigration Law, Social Justice, Cultural Studies, and Vocation

Hi, I’m Susan Okamoto Late and I’m the Dean of Multiethinic and Wellness Programs. And i think one of the great things that I get to do at Seattle Pacific University is to get know some students and get to know their stories and to find out how to support them. And I think when… Read More »