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What is the Gnostic Religion?

Two brothers were digging for fertiliser in the Egyptian desert in 1945. As they dug around, they found a mysterious earthenware vessel. These two brothers had no idea inside that vessel was one of the most significant finds in archaeological history. There was no pharaoh’s treasure or ancient sword of legend, but papyrus. A stack… Read More »

Has the Roman Catholic Church stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates?

>>Dr. John Ankerberg:Let me ask you, do you think that Catholicism has stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates, and it cannot be justified by saying other Christians are asked to proclaim the gospel and pray for their friends? Her role of mediation is completely different than ours? If there is any doubt… Read More »

The catholic church’s influence in US politics (The Infidel 2016-02-19)

Republicans are building the wrong wall The website Church and State-dot-org is dedicated to secular government and monitoring breeches and over-reach within the religious community. Recently they posted a lengthy and meandering inventory of issues of concern regarding the Catholic Church’s incursions into government in US politics and the Church’s support of the Republican Party.… Read More »

Sacrifice & Atonement

we all long for the world to be good for people to live in peace act with love and justice but there’s a problem something compels us humans to constantly wreak havoc and destruction instead and we call this evil and from the Bible’s point of view, evil ruins things in at least two ways.… Read More »

Get To Know Seacoast Church Irmo

I grew up in New Jersey and I was a practicing Catholic. I went ’til I was about a confirmation that’s about the time I gave up and stopped on church. My family moved down to South Carolina when I was fifteen started going to a church ’cause my Aunt said that there was cute… Read More »

The catholic church forbids hoverboards in church (The Infidel 2016-01-27)

I’m Kristi Winters, and you’re watching AtheismTV. The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) recently had to inform Chris Avino that while: “Rule 375-3-1-.02 provides that: a customer may be photographed while wearing a veil, scarf, or headdress… A colander is not a veil, scarf, or headdress. A colander is a kitchen utensil commonly used… Read More »

The catholic church celebrates jubilee by venerating rotting corpses (The Infidel 2016-03-07)

I’m Kristi Winters and thanks for joining us for the news. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is again going after a local police department that is displaying “In God We Trust” on its vehicles. In this instance it is the Tazewell County Virginia Sheriff’s department who is just adding the message thanks to a local… Read More »

Annual Catholic Appeal 2013 – Diocese of Madison

Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new Late have I loved you. You were within me, but I was outside It was there that I searched for you In my unloveliness I plunged into the lovely things which you created You were with me but I was not with you, created… Read More »

Ave Ave Ave Maria | Immaculate Mary | Best Catholic Marian Hymn Lourdes | Blessed Virgin Mary

Immaculate, Mary! Our hearts are on fire. That title so wondrous Fills all our desire! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! We pray for God’s glory May His Kingdom come. We pray for His Vicar Our Father, and Rome. Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! We pray for our Mother The… Read More »

Roman Catholic Mass Explained iPad app, Interactive Journey into Catholic Liturgy

What I love about Mass… What I love about the Mass… …is the sense of community. …is its universality. You know, for me, the Mass is all about tradition. Jesus said, “do this in memory of me,” and we’ve been doing that for over 2000 years. I go on Sunday, but some of the people… Read More »