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U.S. Catholic Bishops Endorse Gun Control

Hey, guys, I’m Just A Dude and welcome to the I’m just a dude video Channel today we’re gonna talk about something very interesting we’re gonna talk about us Catholic Bishops endorsing gun control and having a manifesto yeah but before we get into that if you would be so kind please subscribe to my… Read More »

the Origin of the Catholic Church

the Catholic Church proclaims itself to be the church that Jesus Christ died for the church that was established and built by the Apostles is that the true origin of the Catholic Church on the contrary even a brief reading reveals that the Catholic Church does not have its origin in the teachings of Jesus… Read More »

Christianity declining in America at ‘rapid pace’

Hey, everybody, I’m Just A Dude and thanks for spending your time with me here today today we’re gonna look at this article from the blaze calm it came out about a day or two ago Christianity declining in America at a rapid pace yeah well I think if you’re a Christian you’re kind of… Read More »

Church History: Complete Documentary AD 33 to Present

33 ad forty days after his resurrection Jesus Christ ascends into heaven he leaves behind eleven apostles commissioning them to make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit there were only 500 disciples in the world all of them located in… Read More »