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Pro-314 – Prophecy Update, 17 November 2019 (Escalation)

the Bible prophesied of a unique time on earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run rampant the time spoken of so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as he breaks down these events for us as they… Read More »

The five major world religions – John Bellaimey

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Jessica Ruby In all times and places in our history, human beings have wondered, “Where did we come from? What’s our place in the world? What happens to us after we die?” Religions are systems of belief that have developed and evolved over time in response to these and other eternal… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – Does Jesus Still Heal People?

Does Jesus still heal people today? What is the Anointing of the Sick? There’s plenty of stories of Jesus healing people. Does that still happen today? In my first parish assignment, there was a little boy in our grade school who ran out in front of a car, was hit and severely hurt. He was… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – The Desire for God

So, why does God even matter? Why is God important in my life? Does God really matter? Aren’t all of our hearts restless? Aren’t we all looking for something more? All of us long for connection… for meaning… for purpose… for joy. We all want to know that our lives matter… and yet so often… Read More »

Every Roman Catholic Must See This!

First of all I always like to tell folk I’m not giving this testimony because I have any ill feeling in my heart toward the Roman Catholic people. I couldn’t be a Christian if I still had bitterness in my heart. God delivered me from all bitterness and strife and delivered me out of all… Read More »

C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith – What Does Jesus Teach Us About Prayer?

What did Jesus teach us about prayer? Our Father, who art in heaven… What are the elements of The Lord’s Prayer? The Our Father is the greatest of Christian prayers because we receive it from the Lord Jesus, himself. When the Apostles said, “Lord, teach us to pray,” the Our Father is the prayer that… Read More »

Who Is Jesus? | Catholic Central

KAI: Hey, Libby, what’s up? LIBBY: Hey. You know, there’s so much artwork about Jesus over the centuries. Do you think He looked like Headshot Jesus? KAI: I don’t know, what about Superhero Jesus? (triumphant orchestral music) Or, my personal favorite, Touchdown Jesus. (crowd cheering) LIBBY: Yeah, but what did He really look like? Maybe… Read More »

Christianity declining in America at ‘rapid pace’

Hey, everybody, I’m Just A Dude and thanks for spending your time with me here today today we’re gonna look at this article from the blaze calm it came out about a day or two ago Christianity declining in America at a rapid pace yeah well I think if you’re a Christian you’re kind of… Read More »

fabio rocha – As origens do Thanksgiving canadiano e americano

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ. We’re close to celebrate Thanksgiving Day (also colloquially known as “Turkey Day”). It’s a North American feast celebrated in family environments. It’s customary to have a roasted turkey on the table to eat. In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October. In the US, it’s celebrated in November. “Thanksgiving” is… Read More »