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Friends and Influence – Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

The people we spend time with will influence us. This is a fact. But many failed to consider whether this is having a positive or negative impact with the relationship with God. Now think about this, when we spend time with the gossip of our lips become loose. When we hang out with the greedy… Read More »

Fatherhood Matters – Roman Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski (Raising A Catholic Family) 2018

– Check, check, check, check. Hi guys, Ken Yasinski here. Today let’s talk about passing the faith on to our children. Now at the time that I’m recording this video, Janelle and I have four children. We have a six-year-old, a four-year-old, a three-year-old and a six-month-old so life is busy. And I gotta say,… Read More »

Pentecost Sunday 2018 (Life Changing Love) – Catholic Video by Speaker Ken Yasinski

– Hi guys, this is Ken Yasinski from Catholic Speaker .com. Today, let’s talk about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. Back in 1999, I was hired by six different Catholic churches to start and run a senior youth program. They didn’t have anything, so I was hired. And before I was accepted the position, I… Read More »

Living A Life of Meaning: Roman Catholic Beliefs Explained Speaker Ken Yasinski

(slow piano music) – Getting things in the right order is pretty important if we are to make sense of them. Imagine if you’re going to read J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic, The Hobbit, but instead of reading the pages in their chronological order, you read the book just sorta randomly, selecting pages as you will. And… Read More »

How To Deal With Disappointment (by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

(gentle music) – How to deal with disappointments and loss. Maybe you’re sitting today and you’re discouraged about something because you’ve lost maybe an opportunity. You tried your best, but it just didn’t work out. You did your best at work, but you got passed over for a promotion and that’s gone. Maybe you tried… Read More »

Do Catholics Worship Mary Mother of God? Catholic Video by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

– Today we’re going to talk about, do Catholics worship Mary? (inspirational music) So do Catholics worship Mary? And the answer is no, Catholics don’t worship Mary. But some would say, but wait a minute, you guys are on those rosary beads, and you’re goin’ through them like crazy, and you’re worshiping her like you… Read More »

Divine Mercy (Catholic Video) – By Speaker Ken Yasinski

Divine Mercy – It’s a personal thing. By Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski Growing up Catholic, I knew that Jesus died on the cross. However, I saw his act of sacrifice on the cross, sort of as a general thing for humanity. I was in humanity, sort of lost in the crowd, Sort of like Him… Read More »