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Parish Mission For The New Evangelization (2020): Looking for catholic speakers?

(contemplative music) – Are you interested in evangelizing your parish? The Fullness of Purpose parish mission and video follow-up program are designed to do just that. If you’re interested in more info, I invite you to keep on watching. (hopeful music) Now, you know the purpose of this, but do you know the purpose of… Read More »

Catholic Prayer TAG – How I pray

Hey guys what’s up it’s Tom welcome to ChurchVid.TV where it’s all about helping you live life abundantly by answering your questions about how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Today we’re a little off schedule we normally post videos on Mondays and Wednesdays but today we’re posting as a part of Catholic prayer… Read More »

Amanda Vernon: Catholic Evangelist

– For as long as I can remember, it’s been so beautiful to know Christ, through the Catholic faith. He’s given me a joy that the world cannot give. In Him, I have found healing that reaches to the depths of my heart and friendship that looks like laying down our lives for one another.… Read More »

Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)

(gentle, stirring music) – Are all religions equal? There are many Catholics who believe that all religions are equal, and that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved. That it doesn’t matter what we really believe, as long as we seek god, try to do the right thing, be a nice person. They… Read More »

Parish Mission Catholic Speaker 2019 – Ken Yasinski (Lenten Mission and Conference Highlights)

Parish Mission, Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski And I think some people live their life this way. They just react to life. They react to the circumstances they find themselves in. They don’t have a clear direction of where they’re going. They don’t have a target they’re trying to hit with their life. And so they… Read More »

Friends and Influence – Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

The people we spend time with will influence us. This is a fact. But many failed to consider whether this is having a positive or negative impact with the relationship with God. Now think about this, when we spend time with the gossip of our lips become loose. When we hang out with the greedy… Read More »

Fatherhood Matters – Roman Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski (Raising A Catholic Family) 2018

– Check, check, check, check. Hi guys, Ken Yasinski here. Today let’s talk about passing the faith on to our children. Now at the time that I’m recording this video, Janelle and I have four children. We have a six-year-old, a four-year-old, a three-year-old and a six-month-old so life is busy. And I gotta say,… Read More »

Pentecost Sunday 2018 (Life Changing Love) – Catholic Video by Speaker Ken Yasinski

– Hi guys, this is Ken Yasinski from Catholic Speaker .com. Today, let’s talk about the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. Back in 1999, I was hired by six different Catholic churches to start and run a senior youth program. They didn’t have anything, so I was hired. And before I was accepted the position, I… Read More »

How To Break A Bad Habit (Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

– Hi, guys, this is Ken Yasinski from Catholic Speaker .com. Today, let’s chat about how to break a bad habit and three questions we need to ask ourself to experience change. (calm music) Is there an area of your life that needs change? Maybe it’s a habit, maybe you’ve got a vice, maybe it’s… Read More »

Catholic Parenting (Tell Your Kids This) – Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

– Alright, here we go. Hi guys, this is Ken Yasinski from CatholicSpeaker.com and this is- – Janelle Yasinski. – And today, we’re gonna chat about one parenting tip. So, a couple nights ago I was at the computer and I saw this little note written by Janelle and it said, I love to watch… Read More »