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The Peace Of Christmas Comes From Justice And Truth – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (26 Dec 2019)

The peace that Christmas comes to bring, it is a peace that is based on truth. This is very much unlike the peace in the world. Nobody wants to speak the truth because if you speak the truth, you are unpopular. And that is why the unity of the world today is very fragile because… Read More »

Saint Dominic of Silos”Saint of the Day” December 20(365 Days of Saints)

Saint Dominic of Silos was a Spanish monk, to whom the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, where he served as the abbot, is dedicated. He is revered as a saint in the Catholic Church Born in Cañas, La Rioja, to a family of peasants, he worked as a shepherd before becoming a Benedictine monk… Read More »

Console My People, Console Them – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (10 Dec 2019)

We all need to be consoled. And the reason why we are sad, the reason why we are not happy in life is simply because we are just suffering the punishment for our sins. God does not punish us. It’s our sins that punish us. How does God console us? How does God really help… Read More »

What can St. Paul teach us about Evangelization?

Today we shall continue with our theme of strategies of evangelization From the acts of the apostles where again we encounter another clever tactic employed by St. Paul To find an opening where he can proclaim the gospel we find that today he makes friends with the two Jews who had returned from Italy and… Read More »

The Essential Difference between the Protestant and Roman Catholic Views of Assurance

Here is the embodiment and summary of what had generally been taught in the Middle Ages but it had never been officially defined that God loves the lovely. “For God to love you, you need to become a different person. You are not loved because of the external righteousness of Christ imputed to you. You… Read More »

Ontario Catholic diocese pressured to release list of known abusers

What’s interesting here Gerry is look at where he was. Hamilton, Windsor, London, Sarnia, Chatham [Reporter] Brenda Brunel has assembled the list with the help of other abuse survivors as well as lawyers. [Brenda] It’s overwhelming. I mean my goodness just in the London diocese alone and this is, by the way, an incomplete list.… Read More »

Building Our Hope On Christ As The Everlasting Rock – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (05 Dec 2019)

In the world that we are living in, this is a very difficult world, a very confused world. A world today where there are so many uncertainties. A world that is so divided with so many different viewpoints on every issue, that somehow we are not too sure of where we stand with regards to… Read More »

Christ The Hope Of Our Salvation – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (04 Dec 2019)

For those of us who are limping in life, those who are crippled by our past, those of us who are blinded because we are looking at life at a different perspective, as a wrong perspective, then Jesus is there to enlighten us, to open our eyes and to heal us. If you want to… Read More »