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An Approach to Dealing with Conflict

John in Wilmington, North Carolina, listening on Wilmington Catholic Radio, you are on with Patrick Lencioni, what’s your question, please? Yes, I wanted Patrick’s opinion about a strategy for dealing with conflict. And here’s what I would suggest. It’s kind of a general thought process, is that through the spark of differing opinions come–I mean,… Read More »

How a Pirate Became the Pope

The Western Schism, a split in the leadership in the Catholic church opened the door just wide enough to allow a pirate to rise up the ranks to pope. Baldassare Cossa, a pretty unholy figure known for seducing nuns and betraying his enemies or you know, pirate stuff, reigned for five years as Pope John… Read More »

Why Does Catholic Answers Allow Laypeople to Be Apologists?

We go to Dave in Cincinnati, Ohio listening on Sacred Heart Radio. Dave, you are on with Jimmy Akin. Thank you very much, hello Jimmy. Hi. I beg your indulgence with a short background here but I don’t want to send the wrong impression with the question. I am a life-long Evangelical, and I am… Read More »

Why Do We Fast and Give Alms During Lent?

Rosie in Whittier, California, listening on Immaculate Heart Radio. Rosie, you are on with Jim Blackburn, what’s your question please? Hello, how are you? Thank you for taking my call. Can you hear me? We can, yeah? Okay. I’m a catechist for RCIA, and I usually train–I work with questions about Lent, because I go… Read More »

How Does the Church Teach Us to Interpret the Creation Story in Genesis?

We go now to Susie in Alpena, Michigan, listening on Veritas Radio. Susie, you’re on with Karlo Broussard. Hi, thanks for taking my call. Happy to. Can you hear me okay? We can. Yeah, hey, I just have a question when it comes to the origin—creation and Genesis. The new Ark Encounter that was opened… Read More »

Why Does the Church Baptize Infants When the Bible Says to Baptize Adults?

Let’s go to James in San Antonio, Texas, listening on Guadalupe Radio. James, you’re on with Karlo Broussard. Hello. Hello, James. Hi, yes, my question is, how come in the book of John, the apostle John goes around baptizing adults and stuff, and yet—I mean, I’m Catholic, and I know that the Catholic Church…like, they… Read More »

Why Do We Need Mary?

Karen in Dallas, Texas, listening on Guadalupe Radio. It’s open forum on Catholic Answers Live and Tim staples is taking your questions. Karen, what is your question for Tim? Hi, I have a question about the Glorious Mysteries; we end it with the Assumption and the Coronation of Mary. And so I was wondering, why… Read More »

Why Have a Patron Saint?

Stephen calling from Scotland, you are on with Jimmy Akin. Hi, guys, how are you guys doing this afternoon? Very well. Just fine. Great. So I tried calling in last night, but there was just so many calls, just wasn’t able to get to me. So my question is, I had a couple Protestant friends… Read More »

Comments on the Filioque Controversy

Go now to Kazik in Williamsburg, Virginia watching on YouTube but getting in touch with us over the phone. Kazik, you are on with Tim Staples. Hello. Hello Kazik! I just really want to say how much I appreciate you doing this, especially with the conversation you had with Karen earlier about the Eucharist. Coming… Read More »

How is the Eucharist Not Cannibalism?

Aeres in San Antonio, Texas, listening on Guadalupe Radio. Aeres, you are on with Jim Blackburn, what’s your question? My question is, when we eat the Eucharist how are we not cannibals? Okay, Aires. Great question. Can I ask how old you are, Aeries? I am 12. 12, okay. That’s a great question, something for… Read More »