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Bangor University Accommodation – Ffriddoedd Village Tour

Hi I’m Lorna. Hi I’m Mariya, we’re part of the Campus Life team and today we’re going to show you around Ffriddoedd Village. Ffriddoedd is the largest accommodation village with around 2,000 rooms on-site. Most of the halls here are en-suite but there is one standard hall with shared bathrooms called Reichel. On site there… Read More »

Go Greek at Illinois State University

Music :17 I’d say sisterhood, brotherhood, service, opportunity, new experiences, camaraderie, friendship I’d say, lifelong friendship, it’s so much fun, awesome. Joining a Greek organization is an excellent way to be a part of the Illinois State Campus community and find your way at the University. Going Greek is about increasing the value of your… Read More »

TCC Report: Social Justice Week & Talon’s Market

Hello everyone and welcome to a new edition of the TCC Report, I’m Elton Gumbel. College life is full of decisions.. Should you major in theater or computer programming? Welding or poly sci? Should you study for the big test, or go party? I hope you choose to study. One choice no college student should… Read More »

Master of Social Work

[intro music]>>Dr. Corrigan: Social work is really something that chooses you, it’s not so much that you choose social work. Social workers usually arrive at our doors with certainly a sense that this is where they are meant to be in life, this is what they are meant to do.>>Dr. Nicola: Particularly now with a… Read More »

Some History of Old Chapel at UMass Amherst

[MUSIC PLAYING] The Old Chapel speaks to our pride of the past and it signals to our even brighter future. In 2012, I was interviewing for this job and my escort was bringing me to the center of campus. Old Chapel is the most recognizable building of all the campus. I automatically started turning into… Read More »

UAlbany Commencement 2019: Undergraduate Ceremony

Please welcome the commencement platform party led by the members of the city of Albany pipe band. The University at Albany Grand Marshall distinguished teaching professor James Acker, members of the University at Albany faculty led by Professor David McDowell, and 2019 Collins Award recipient professor Ray Bromley. Marshals professor Mary McCarthy and professor Sanjay… Read More »

UK Student’s Service Dog Project Impacts Campus and Community

Logan Bright and her service dog Deju seem to be a pretty common sight around campus these days. That’s because Deja is part of the “4 Paws For Ability” program this graduating senior brought to UK for one reason. SOT “I wanted to show students community service can be fun.” Current students sign up to… Read More »

President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

Joshua DuBois: Well, good morning, everyone. Oh, come on, good morning. (applause) This is an exciting day to be at the White House, huh. I want to thank all of you for coming from around the country to participate in this convening for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge, the kick-off for the… Read More »

Campus Conversations — Service in the Community

[ Background music ]>>Today it’s all about the community. You’ve heard us say it many times before your community’s college is Montgomery College. Coming up next on Campus Conversations we’ll talk about how Montgomery College programs, employees and students are serving your communities. [ Music ]>>Jason Rivera: Hi I’m Jason Rivera and this is Campus… Read More »