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CompoSecure Wins 2019 Community Service Award

CompoSecure is the industry leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of premium metal credit cards for some of the world’s most premier financial institutions. One of our core values at CompoSecure is to give back to our community through volunteer hours and donations. We proactively support organizations in our community who create a… Read More »

Cloud 28+ service provider community expands worldwide

Hi, I’m Bobby Patrick, Chief Marketing Officer with HPE Cloud. I’m joined today with Xavier Poisson, VP of Indirect Digital Services and basically CEO of Cloud 28+. I can say that, can’t I? You did create it, right? Thanks for joining today. Thank you, Bobby. So Cloud 28+, is that two and a half years… Read More »

ZAGO Manufacturing Wins 2019 Community Service Award

ZAGO Manufacturing is a family-run business, we manufacture sealing components, fasteners. We’ve been in business for over 25 years, we moved in here 15 years ago. There wasn’t many businesses in this area when we moved in but, since then, there’s a lot of economic activity going on here in Newark so we’ve decided to… Read More »

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Mass layoffs and record profits at the same time, manager salaries, scarcity of natural resources and imminent climate catastrophe, morally questionable advertising, child labor, corporate fraud, financial crisis and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement … These are just a few examples you may have heard about under the topics of sustainability business ethics or corporate… Read More »

Felicity Huffman Reports To Jail To Serve Sentence In College Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News