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PBS NewsHour Weekend full episode October 19, 2019

On this edition for Saturday October 19th another setback for a brexit deal in our signature segment the first in a two-part series on ice detention in Louisiana I sense Hodgman Mania and writer John hodgman’s take on losing status next on PBS Newshour weekend From the Tish wnet studios at Lincoln Center in New… Read More »

Getting Ready for Brexit Webinar: Transitional Simplified Procedures

good morning Cath and good morning everybody so welcome to our webinar on the transitional simplified procedures or as we will refer them on this webinar is TSP if we have a look at the contents so we’re going to cover today what they are and how to register and how to use them the… Read More »

How Brexit could create a crisis at the Irish border

As part of the European Union, the United Kingdom’s borders have been relatively open for years. Trade’s carried out freely with other member countries and people coming through only need to show their EU passport. But in June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU so that it could reassert control on its own… Read More »