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How to Explain Why Only Catholics Can Receive Communion

Conneaut, Ohio. Thanks for helping me, Chris. You heard me struggling. I appreciate it. Listening on WMIH radio, Chris, you are on with Fr. Vincent Serpa. Great. Thanks Father, thank you for being there for us. My wife was raised anti-Catholic Her parents blend evangelical, in order to justify themselves, they became anti-Catholic, and now… Read More »

I Took Revenge On My Girlfriend (By Revealing Her Secret To Everyone)

– A few weeks ago, my life was shaken by this one incident and people are still talking about it. Almost everyone says that I did a horrible thing, and I genuinely don’t know if what I did was right. But let’s start from the beginning. You see, I was never a popular guy. But… Read More »

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE ON SIGHT – FULL AudioBook – Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language

HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE ON SIGHT Through the Science of Human Analysis The Five Human Types by ELSIE LINCOLN BENEDICT and RALPH PAINE BENEDICT Printed and Bound By The Roycrofters at Their Shops In East Aurora N. Y. Copyright, 1921 By Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict All rights reserved WE THANK YOU ¶… Read More »

Body Issue Controversy?

Agnieszka Radwanska is the number four women’s tennis player in the world and now we review the ESPN Body Issue she was featured in it and now she is catching 8 tonnage shipped from ahh the Catholic youth group that she was once involved and we have a few pictures courtesy of ESPN let’s see… Read More »