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Is Vietnam Beautiful? Countryside Life in Vietnamese Village 🇻🇳

That’s your house three people three, baby Hello buddy, my name is Jimmy. What’s your name? Good thing we came during rainy season Vietnam sure. It is holding up its end under rainy part So we’re actually gonna try and go out on the Meccan Delta today and See a bunch of different villages around… Read More »

Visiting Forgotten Heroes with “Mission Village”, “Lebanese Food Bank” and “The Volunteer Circle”

I’m Aline Tawk, I’m a mother of 3… I saw the Ad of the Lebanese Food Bank on Facebook honestly… I really liked the idea, i felt that it touched me personally. There’s nothing better than cooking for people who are hungry, and in need. I’m doing this with all my heart… for everyone in… Read More »

5 More Brilliant Catholic One-liners

random Catholic thoughts list videos and more for board laity what did Saint Ignatius of Loyola say when he came face to face with the devil himself if you know already congratulations you’re a hero feel free to stop watching this and go back to funny cat videos to everyone else brace yourself here are… Read More »