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Eucharist Real Presence (How To Prepare To Receive)

(gentle music) – Sometimes we call the Mass boring, impersonal, or irrelevant, because we don’t feel like we’re getting anything out of it. Now if we don’t feel like we’re getting anything out of it, we have to ask the question, what are we putting into it? Have we prepared ourself to receive Jesus’ body,… Read More »

The Mass: The Real Presence Creates Communion

Cuvântul lui Dumnezeu schimbă realitatea. Isus spune: “Fetiță, scoală-te” și ea se scoală. Spune: “Lazăr, vino afară” și el vine afară. Când stă la altar și rostește cuvintele consacrării, preotul nu acționează în nume propriu. El vorbește de fapt în persoana lui Cristos. Prin urmare, cuvintele pe care le folosește schimbă realitatea, transsubstanțiind pâinea și… Read More »

Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, and Holiness

Oh, I think the world will tell you when it comes to homosexuality, you only really got two options: Option number one, you can hide in the closet out of fear, that if anyone knew you felt that way, they would hate you and be bigoted against you or if you don’t want to live… Read More »