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Driving to Serve: Planned Parenthood’s doors are always open

Imperial County has the 3rd largest teen birth rates in the state of California. One of the issues in Imperial County is that we do have a shortage of providers. So in order to provide services in Imperial County at our Planned Parenthood clinic, we actually have clinicians commuting from different counties. Having Planned Parenthood… Read More »

When is Abortion actually OK for Catholics?

There’s a lot of people who call themselves pro-life. Catholics specifically call themselves pro-life but it means more for Catholics than it does for others. I specifically want to address a concept that I saw on Louder with Crowder’s latest episode of changed my mind around the pro-life idea. In this segment Steven Crowder was… Read More »

An Undeserved Community: Providing sex ed and reproductive health care

This is downtown El Centro. It’s kind of abandoned I guess you can say. It’s kind of boarded up, but I love this place. I do love my community. It’s so small and everyone just helps everyone, it’s so great. The only downfall in my opinion is opportunity here. There’s not much of it. Robert… Read More »

Abortion Bans Failed in the 19th Century. They’ll Also Fail in the 21st.

Over the last year, several states have passed controversial laws restricting abortion. Laws passed in Alabama and Georgia that would effectively ban the procedure are aimed at giving the nation’s high court an opportunity to reverse its controversial 1973 ruling in Roe vs. Wade. The history of criminalization pre-Roe provides a window into how abortion… Read More »

What Catholics get WRONG about Sex and Contraception

all right we gotta have a conversation about contraception with the widespread growth of abortion and especially now with some of this legislation around basically legalizing infanticide in New York and it’s probably gonna start spreading to other states, as Catholics we tend to get caught up in the concept of abortion right and how… Read More »

Catholic Church Flip-Flop: Unborn Fetuses AREN’T People?

catholic church is always going to on and on and on and on about the sanctity of life and budget big concepts about you know cells and and uh… sperm are people and all that stuff the sanctity of life in the the start of collide the conception you know all that stuff loads well-aware… Read More »

Duterte is Fighting the Catholic Church Over Providing Free Birth Control (HBO)

In the heavily Catholic Philippines, clergy members are beginning to rise up against President Rodrigo Duterte’s ruthless drug war. But the priests are also fighting against a 2012 law to provide free contraception to the country’s 100-million people, many of whom are desperately poor. Duterte, who once bragged about throwing a man out of a… Read More »

Contraception And The Catholic Church

Contraceptives, according to the Catholic Church, are intrinsically evil. Why? Well, It’s simple if you ask an anti-contraceptive catholic to explain their views, they’ll generally tell you that, “Well, it’s because contraception does precisely what it says on the tin. It prevents the opportunity for conception, denying the possibility of life.” The husband should give… Read More »

Alleged Catholic charities: Compromising with the Devil

Catholic organizations are playing the devil’s game of compromise. Next, on the American Life League Report. [Music Intro] Everyone in the pro-life community knows that 1973 is the year that brought us the darkest period in United States history. It’s the year that Roe v. Wade opened the floodgates to murder-for-hire, by decriminalizing abortion. But… Read More »

How Pope Francis Is Changing Catholicism

In September 2015, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church, announced that churches who were running profitable hotels and restaurants should pay taxes like any other business. This is the latest in a long line of surprising and progressive statements from the Pope over the last two years. While most popes have been relatively conservative and… Read More »