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The Seven Deadly Sins

Christianity has, traditionally, spoken a lot about sinners. In the fourth century, the Church identified ‘seven deadly sins’: failings of character that were to be particularly condemned and avoided by all righteous people. They were; Pride (being snobbish and boastful) Envy, Wrath (getting very angry), Gluttony (eating too much), Lust (wanting to sleep around), Sloth… Read More »


In Spanish speaking countries such as those within Latin America, most of the people believe that Domingo is the 7th or last day of the week. However, as you will soon see, in many of these countries the majority of their calendars have Domingo on the first day, not the 7th day of the week.… Read More »

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Review – Why you SHOULDN’T get it!

spoiler alert this video is a little bit of clickbait but at the same time I know that not every Bible is for everybody so if you want to know why I don’t think you should get this Bible watch this video hey guys what’s up welcome to ChurchVid TV my name is Tom and… Read More »

Calvinist Pastor turns Catholic Biblical Scholar | Xt3 Interview

So I’m Dr John Bergsma. I teach at the Franciscan University near Pittsburgh in the US. Our school’s claim to fame is the biggest theology department in any Catholic school in North America. We produce a ton of youth pastors and religious ed teachers and catechists, and my role is to put everybody through Bible… Read More »

Atheist vs Christian: 24 Hours Side By Side

It’s so seductive to think that there is a plan, and that somebody is watching out. But… I really do think the world would be a better place without religious belief. In life, lots of things can be true, but to not be open to the spiritual realm? Yeah, you— it just seems like you… Read More »