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Catholic Bible NAB for Android Apple and MP3 devices

This is Rick at BibleBible.com and I want to talk about the NAB Catholic audio Bible. The NAB is the New American Bible. It is the most trusted and widely used Catholic version of the Bible. You can load this audio Bible on your Android, or your Apple device, also on your MP3 or even… Read More »

Full Christian Movie | “Yearning” | God Reveals the Mystery of Kingdom of Heaven (English Dubbed)

Two thousand years ago, the Lord Jesus promised His followers, I was just like everyone else who believes in the Lord Jesus; in order to welcome the Lord’s coming, I enthusiastically spread word of the Lord and bore testimony to the Lord. So I was persecuted and arrested by the CCP government, and I was… Read More »

Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer (Full Documentary)

COOPER: Hi, I’m Barry Cooper, the host of the documentary “Luther”. We’re coming up on another anniversary of that definitive moment when Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. Although he couldn’t have known it at the time, Luther was lighting the fuse that would lead to an explosive… Read More »

The five major world religions – John Bellaimey

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Jessica Ruby In all times and places in our history, human beings have wondered, “Where did we come from? What’s our place in the world? What happens to us after we die?” Religions are systems of belief that have developed and evolved over time in response to these and other eternal… Read More »

Bill Burr – Going to Church

I never go to church, man. I got to be honest, I hate church. Always couldn’t stand it when I was growing up. Yeah, there’s a couple of other people going to hell with me. Yeah, there you go. (applause) You know what it is, I grew up Catholic. I used to sit there in… Read More »

Christianity declining in America at ‘rapid pace’

Hey, everybody, I’m Just A Dude and thanks for spending your time with me here today today we’re gonna look at this article from the blaze calm it came out about a day or two ago Christianity declining in America at a rapid pace yeah well I think if you’re a Christian you’re kind of… Read More »

November 3rd-Zacchaeus Binoculars craft

– Hello, it’s Catholic Crafts With Clare We are gonna be making a binocular craft (sings) (www.themassbox.com) Now let’s get started. This is our example. If you look through here, you can probably see it maybe. Try to look through. Hi. We can see me. – So what’s our first step? – There’s different options.… Read More »

November 17th-Solar System craft

– Clare, can you tell me what the craft is about today? – It’s about probably all the stars in the solar system, and how God said that it would collapse and all of that. (www.themassbox.com) – Last week we worked on our Earth. This time we’re going to work on, like a lot of… Read More »