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What can St. Paul teach us about Evangelization?

Today we shall continue with our theme of strategies of evangelization From the acts of the apostles where again we encounter another clever tactic employed by St. Paul To find an opening where he can proclaim the gospel we find that today he makes friends with the two Jews who had returned from Italy and… Read More »

A Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation (Jeremiah)

Now I told you a couple of weeks ago that we had finished the New Testament. It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back there again. I will. I have some plans to. But the natural assumption is that we’re going to take a look at the Old Testament. And I do have some plans for… Read More »

Hope for a Doomed Nation (Selected Scriptures)

I have some things on my heart that I want to say to you as your pastor with regard to the nation in which we live. And as I think about Memorial Day and all that’s been sacrificed through the years to give us our freedom, and as we watch those things that we love… Read More »

Holly Baglio & the #Catholic #NIV deception * Rapture [Harpazo] Douglas Hamp #HRM

Do not be deceived by people who use the Catholic NIV. There at least 200 corrupted verses in the NIV Catholic so-called bible including a whole chapter missing + Certain key words missing. Douglas Hamp is a false teacher as is Rob Skiba. They hate the KJV. I even discovered that RichieFromBoston is a Crypto-Catholic.… Read More »

Helping Others: The Heart of Jesus MESSAGE ONLY

(congregation clapping) – Well, good morning, everybody. – [Congregation] Good morning. – It’s really good to see, I’m so glad that you’re here today. My name is David Emmert, I’m one of the pastors here at Celebration. And happy Thanksgiving, everybody. It’s the season, we finally are here each year now for the last three… Read More »

U.S. Catholic Bishops Endorse Gun Control

Hey, guys, I’m Just A Dude and welcome to the I’m just a dude video Channel today we’re gonna talk about something very interesting we’re gonna talk about us Catholic Bishops endorsing gun control and having a manifesto yeah but before we get into that if you would be so kind please subscribe to my… Read More »