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Feeding the Animals at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo

I’m Mike Maslanka. I’m the head of the Department of Animal Nutrition here at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and we’re in the commissary In the commissary our role is to make all the diets for all the animals in the park every day. A balanced diet contributes to our overall health and a balanced diet… Read More »

World’s Largest NERF Fortress 🏰 Official Episode 2 | The NERF Nation Show w/ Zach King

Rail Nation goes Mobile!

I’m Petr and I’m responsible for Rail Nation at Bright Future and Travian Games. In the past we’ve been asked by many people why don’t we also make Rail Nation available for mobile devices. For smartphones, tablets, etc. The game is ideally suited to it actually. It’d be awesome to be able to play a… Read More »

A Super(numerary) Story | A Kennedy Center Digital Stage Original

(upbeat music) – I’m here to audition for the Kennedy Center Nutcracker with Ballet West and I’m super excited. – [All] We’re auditioning for the Nutcracker. – Ballet, it’s a starter for all types of dance. – My favorite part about ballet dancing is it’s fun, you get to make new friends from other schools.… Read More »

Cars – Community Service Deleted Scene

Lasseter “Community Service.” To lure travelers back to their town, the townsfolk want McQueen to race in their first-ever Radiator Springs Grand Prix. He refuses, choosing instead standard community service. crickets chirping So, what is standard community service? I don’t know. Guess you’ll find out tomorrow. Lights out. engine rumbles Lightning groans – Mater Look,… Read More »