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Is Somaliland an Independent Nation?

In 1991, a country was born of blood. It was built from the rubble of what many consider to be Africa’s worst civil war. Driven from a genocide the entire world ignored. It has three and a half million citizens. And its expats live in almost every major nation on Earth. And yet, I wouldn’t… Read More »

The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed a Nation

In architecture, pyramids are famed for their sturdiness. They’ve lasted for thousands of years despite overgrown jungles and blasting desert sands ripping at their foundations. They’re about as indestructible as our buildings get. But as businesses? Not so much. A pyramid scheme beings to collapse the moment it’s begun. Because it’s not really a pyramid.… Read More »

Should Malta Be Catholic?

Should Malta be Catholic? On our first night in Gozo we went out for a pizza. And an old man was feeling chatty at the table next to us. As per usual, we asked him if you were in charge of our series what would you say about your island. And then after he learned… Read More »

Health and Social Care job profile: Service Assistant

My names Jordon and i’m a Service assistant in the Ulster hospital. Porters basically are the backbone of the hospital. Anything that needs done we will normally get the call to go do it. So my job is basically patient care that could be anything from patient transfers, to getting units of blood for the… Read More »

The Children Of The Sex Trade (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

In the Philippines more than 800,000 women and children work in the sex trade. Subic Bay, a four-hour drive from Manila, is a destination for many foreign men. Men who come to buy sex from vulnerable women and children who are desperate to escape poverty. Children like Apple who lives and works on the streets.… Read More »

Full Episode | Flights And Fights – Inside The Low Cost Airline | BBC Documentary

now ladies and gentlemen I would like to ask for everybody’s attention please low-cost airlines have revolutionized the way we fly easyJet now carries more passengers than British Airways and the giant of the low-cost carriers is Ryanair see the wizard commercial visitor bombs Michael O’Leary is its boss the pheasant he may not look… Read More »