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Escaping Gangs: Death, Jail Or Redemption | SPAC Nation

This is London. This is home. Seeing violence… ..deaths… ..shootings, stabbings. But look… ..we was once the cause of it. So who else is best to solve the problem? I went to prison for murder. I went to prison for attempted murder, twice. I went to prison for shootings, a countless amount of times. All… Read More »

The Children Of The Sex Trade (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

In the Philippines more than 800,000 women and children work in the sex trade. Subic Bay, a four-hour drive from Manila, is a destination for many foreign men. Men who come to buy sex from vulnerable women and children who are desperate to escape poverty. Children like Apple who lives and works on the streets.… Read More »

Why I Never Date Outside My Class: Best Bits Of Fern Brady’s Live From The BBC

Now, I went out with someone at uni where the break-up was embarrassing, to say the least. I went to a posh uni. I don’t know if you know, Edinburgh Uni is like Hogwarts. So it was important to me to go out with another commoner like myself, cos I’m going to tell yous right… Read More »