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The Rainbow Village | Indonesia Discoveries | World Nomads

– [Jo Voiceover] Today on Discoveries Indonesia, we’re going to explore one of the hidden gems of Semarang. And I’ll learn the inspiring story of a community who by picking up a paint brush transformed their village into a vibrant landmark. (tribal music) Welcome to the Rainbow Village. (lighthearted music) – We were in a… Read More »

Recognize young artists, while giving back to the community | Canada Service Corps

My name is Sonia. I’m the visual art instructor for Oddity Art Show. The Oddity Art Show is a multidisciplinary art show organized by youth and featuring youth artists, youth painters, drawing people, musicians, actors, dancers, literary artists, whoever wants to participate. My name is El Doucette. I am one of the organizers. I’m also… Read More »


this program was made possible by the [National] Endowment for the Arts Agnes Gunn and Daniel Shapiro the Nathan Cummings foundation Bloomberg JPMorgan Chase [Andy] Warhol [Foundation] for the visual Arts the Horace W Goldsmith Foundation the Bagley right fund and Others a complete list is available from PBS and By contributions to your PBs… Read More »

Creativity builds nations | Muthoni Drummer Queen

Between 2004 and 2008, I unsuccessfully tried to get into the Kenyan music industry. But the recurring answer from producers was I was not Kenyan enough. Meaning what? I didn’t sing fully in the slang derivative of Kiswahili and I didn’t sing enough party tracks, so they said Kenyans wouldn’t listen to a Kenyan who… Read More »

Making Colour | The National Gallery, London

‘Making Colour’ is about how painters transform pigments into dazzling works of art. It’s about the origins of colours and the science we use to identify and understand them. Over the centuries some colours have been tricky, badly behaved, even elusive. And new pigments have brought new artistic possibilities. The results are luminous, fiery and… Read More »

PBS NewsHour full episode December 6, 2019

JUDY WOODRUFF: Good evening. I’m Judy Woodruff. On the “NewsHour” tonight: a country on strike. France comes to a nationwide standstill, as protests over pension reform close schools and stop trains. Then: anatomy of a conspiracy — how a disproven narrative tying Ukraine to interference in the 2016 election found a home in the White… Read More »

Vincent van Gogh: The colour and vitality of his works | National Gallery

Good afternoon. And so for the next half hour or so, we will be focusing up on this. And I was just talking to one of my colleagues, a minute or two ago, about this picture, saying it really does, kind of, burn off the wall, doesn’t it? And you could even believe that we’ve… Read More »

Martin Hirsch: “Papal Medals and the Interplay of Prints, Paintings, and Numismatics”

– Our second speaker this afternoon is Martin Hirsch, Curator, the Staatliche Munzsammlung in Munich. And Martin’s paper, Papal Medals and the Interplay of Prints, Paintings, and Numismatics, is up now. Please join me in welcoming Martin to the podium. (audience applauding) – I thank you for inviting me to the Frick Collection, very much.… Read More »

How to Get Involved in Your Local Community

Hi! I’m Rachel Calderon Navarro and this is How to Adult. One of the coolest parts of being an adult is that you have agency. If you don’t like something, you can work to change it. And if you care about something, you can help make it even better. By getting involved in your community,… Read More »