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In-depth: Global market wrap-up

time now for an in-depth look at the market news and for that I’m joined on the line by dr. yang jun-sok professor of economics at the Catholic University of Korea dr. yang thank you as always for coming on happy to be here well some perhaps less than positive news for those hoping for… Read More »

Pope Francis promises stronger measures to tackle child sex abuse within Catholic Church

Pope Francis has promised stronger action to tackle the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church condemning the practice and the cover-ups as the tools of Satan closing a Vatican summit on pedophilia on that Sunday the Pope pledged that the church retreat every case with utmost seriousness strengthening its guidelines to prevent discipline… Read More »

Pope Francis encourages young Catholics to live lives of joy, purpose

On the fourth day of his five-day visit to Korea,… Pope Francis held the closing mass for Asian Youth Day at Haemi Fortress in the country’s southwest. There, the pontif encouraged the youth in attendance to wake up and live a life filled with joy and purpose. Hwang Ji-hye tells us more. The pope made… Read More »

Catholic Church shifts tone on gays, lesbians 가톨릭, 동성애·이혼 포용 입장 시사

The Catholic Church has signaled that′s ready to make an about turn on its view on homosexuality. A preliminary report from an assembly of bishops at the Vatican opens the door for a greater acceptance of gays and lesbians. Sohn Jung-in has more. It is being described as a striking shift in tone by the… Read More »

Lives of Unmarried Women in their 30’s and 40’s

In Korea, of 7.80 milion women in their 30’s and 40’s. 17.176% or 1.38milion are singls. Now in the 21st century marriage is no longer a necessity but rather an option, and many women choose to remain single. Yet, there is not enough social security for them, creating a blind spot of the structural system.… Read More »

New Catholic Church opens as symbol of inter-Korean peace 남북합작 성당

It’s being touted as a new symbol of inter-Korean peace. There’s a new Catholic church in South Korea that was built with heavy influences from North Korea. This comes 16 years after a group of North Korean Catholics living in South Korea… first bought the land for this place of worship. Connie Lee has more.… Read More »

Pope Francis likely to appoint more cardinals from developing world 한국에서 새 추기경

Pope Francis is likely to focus on the developing world in his appointment of new cardinals this month,… as he hopes to reshape the Roman Catholic hierarchy to better reflect regions where the church is flourishing. Looking East, observers say clerics from Korea, which has a small but growing Catholic community, could be named… alongside… Read More »

Pope Francis condemns child sex abuse scandal in letter to Catholics

Pope Francis has issued a letter to Catholics around the world apologizing for the Vatican’s mishandling of the child sexual abuse scandal surrounding clerics. He acknowledged with “shame and repentance” that the church failed to act on what he called the atrocities of the clerics, adding that the Vatican abandoned the victims. The pope’s letter… Read More »

Vatican review pushes for shift on gays, lesbians 바티칸 동성애에 대한 변화 제안

A new report from the Vatican is urging the Roman Catholic Church to adopt a more accepting stance on gays and lesbians. With more, we turn to Paul Yi at the News Center. Paul, this marks a major shift in tone for the Vatican. What′s been the reaction to this call for reform? Well, Catholics… Read More »

No Mass for Sri Lanka’s Catholics; veils for Muslim women banned

still shaping after the Easter Sunday attack in Sri Lanka the country is banning face coverings like the burqa and Catholics avoid a church on Sunday amid fears over new attacks the closing of all of Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches came after local officials and the US Embassy in Colombo warned that more militants remained… Read More »