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BVB team bus surprise for SOS children’s village | Meet & Greet with Julian Weigl & Marco Reus

There are still a few days until Christmas, despite that, our very special Christmas adventure begins today. Unfortunately, not all children can experience the wonders of Christmas in the same way that we do. MAN and Borussia Dortmund have thought of something very special for them. We’re about to go to an SOS KINDERDORF to… Read More »

La révolution coupable de génocide ? – Guerre de Vendée

My dear comrades, good morning! We are found today for an episode that I feel it big like a building, will go wild the passions in the comments! And yes, we are now tackling the very thorny question of the Vendée war and in passing to his famous genocide. In any case it is as… Read More »

A New Chapter: Community Plumbing Challenge, Navajo Nation

We are Plumbers, Builders, Engineers, and Inspectors. We are professionals. We are craftspeople, and we are codes and standards. We are expertise, effort and energy. We are high-quality. We are hard-working, and we are passionate. We are Housing For Health. We are collaboration. We are partners, and we are community. We are skills. We are… Read More »

GAO: America’s Money Matters – Understanding the Nation’s Long-Term Fiscal Health

[ Music ] Hi. I’m Kerstin, an analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Politicians, talking heads, and analysts like me are always talking about how large the debt is, and how the debt will be passed down to my generation, my kids’ generation, and maybe even my grandkids’ generation. The debt is part of… Read More »

THE SIEGE! Hungry Polar Bears Surrounded Russian Village In Siberia And Hunting For Humans!

This week shocking scenes are coming from Chukotka. Polar bears took the whole village for a hostage. More than 50 bears gathered near the polar village of Ryrkaipiy, where several hundred people live. The Chukchi Sea still didn’t really freeze, and the bears cannot leave on the ice to hunt for a sea animal. They… Read More »

బడి షురూ ఐతే | When School Starts | My Village Show comedy

aunt! i will go after one week please.. you will go after one week but.. when were you in this house? you were just roaming here and there and never stayed at home and you are saying that you will stay one more week since 8 days you were staying here school also started.. when… Read More »

Village Lovers day | my village show comedy

what game are you playing hands game. I will play with you too why do u play all games that girls play yes I do. who is there for me other than you hey kid, what did u say after that, love and lot love you continue playing. I will join later is he mad.… Read More »

Rabbi floored by racist thugs screaming ‘Kill the Jews’ in anti-Semitic attack – The News

 A rabbi was knocked to the ground and had abuse hurled at him in an anti-Semitic attack that took place in a predominantly Jewish area  The race hate thugs are claimed to have screamed “Kill the Jews” at the 54-year-old victim before pushing him to the ground in Stamford Hill, north London  Neighbourhood watch group… Read More »

Exoplanets 101 | National Geographic

(dramatic music) – [Narrator] They are nestled in the final frontier, countless worlds, scattered throughout countless galaxies, challenged the notion that we are alone in the universe. Exoplanets are worlds that exist outside of our solar system. Also known as Extrasolar planets, these bodies often orbit their own stars, with some being a part of… Read More »