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Village Kadhal – Epi – 04 Kadhal Kondatam || Narikootam || Tamada Media

I am calling you only. Stop. You talked too much yesterday. What do you want from me now? Did I force you to love me? Can’t you think for yourself? I don’t know what to say. If some other girl proposes will you accept that too I guess? Why are you talking like this? Didn’t… Read More »

Village Elders react to on the set of baahubali VR experience | virtual reality

oh! what is this crowd..! or public..! oh..so many people are watching.. thank you..thank you so much rajamouli sir and rana sir..!! i have never expected that my video becomes viral so thank you so much sir so we thought that if we will get 200 likes for our video we will do another virtual… Read More »

Catholics Love Their Neighbors

(gentle music) – As Catholics we seek to imitate Christ’s example of love in our families, neighborhoods, and around the world. – How we organize our society can allow individuals and families to thrive and participate or prevent them from doing so. We are called to protect the family, founded on marriage between a man… Read More »

Sadhguru about 3 things that is crucial for the nation.

I’m running an NGO for under privileged children right now. And I’ve (Applause) sort of decided for myself that this is what I want to dedicate my life for, which is serving the society. So I have three questions for you. The first is, being a social entrepreneur yourself, how do you think I should… Read More »

Judging From God’s Perspective – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (20 Feb 2020)

In today’s Gospel, we have the story, the incident where St Peter just confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. And then immediately, the Lord told Peter that He would be put to death. He would be rejected by the chief priests and the elders. But Peter could not accept… Read More »

BVB team bus surprise for SOS children’s village | Meet & Greet with Julian Weigl & Marco Reus

There are still a few days until Christmas, despite that, our very special Christmas adventure begins today. Unfortunately, not all children can experience the wonders of Christmas in the same way that we do. MAN and Borussia Dortmund have thought of something very special for them. We’re about to go to an SOS KINDERDORF to… Read More »

La révolution coupable de génocide ? – Guerre de Vendée

My dear comrades, good morning! We are found today for an episode that I feel it big like a building, will go wild the passions in the comments! And yes, we are now tackling the very thorny question of the Vendée war and in passing to his famous genocide. In any case it is as… Read More »

A New Chapter: Community Plumbing Challenge, Navajo Nation

We are Plumbers, Builders, Engineers, and Inspectors. We are professionals. We are craftspeople, and we are codes and standards. We are expertise, effort and energy. We are high-quality. We are hard-working, and we are passionate. We are Housing For Health. We are collaboration. We are partners, and we are community. We are skills. We are… Read More »

GAO: America’s Money Matters – Understanding the Nation’s Long-Term Fiscal Health

[ Music ] Hi. I’m Kerstin, an analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Politicians, talking heads, and analysts like me are always talking about how large the debt is, and how the debt will be passed down to my generation, my kids’ generation, and maybe even my grandkids’ generation. The debt is part of… Read More »