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How Does House Arrest ACTUALLY Work?

We here at The Infographics Show pride ourselves on educating you every day on everything from science and technology to foreign affairs, and even just everyday things that you’re probably wondering about but never thought to ask. Today we’re going to be tackling another viewer question, Infographics fan Courtney asked us, how does house arrest… Read More »

Catholic Kids Homilies 25B – First and Last!

This is the 25th week in ordinary time and today’s readings are all about jealousy. St. Thomas Aquinas, a great theologian from the Middle Ages says that jealousy is an anger at the success of others that makes no sense at all. Jealous people often want to be better than everyone else. In the second… Read More »

My Embarrassing & Weird Old Art

I got up this morning and I said to myself, “You know what would do wonders for my self-esteem?” Showing over 300,000 people my absurdly embarrassing old art from animation school that I probably should have burned by now! Hello my geeks and peeps my explainers and entertainers my little uh lollies Rebecca param here… Read More »

Public Value – Common Good and the Society

Did you ever ponder the value of the company you work for, the civil service you consult or the association you make donations to? Not in the financial sense. No. The question is: Are those organizations valuable for society at large? And hereby valuable for you? To answer those questions, the University of St.Gallen developed… Read More »