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After Effects Audio Spectrum Tutorial (Trap Nation Effect & Bass Zoom)

[music playing] How’s it going everyone? This is Vertic here and for this video we’re gonna create the audio spectrum which looks like trap nation. I did a part one on this which was the basic audio spectrum and if you didn’t see that video you can either click a link in the description or… Read More »

Why it’s problematic to have 2 popes weighing in on key issues for Catholic Church

JUDY WOODRUFF: The stories coming out of Rome this week are essentially unprecedented. Former Pope Benedict was said to be weighing in on a sensitive issue facing his successor, Pope Francis. That alone was highly unusual. But then it turned out he reportedly disagreed with a potential change in church law that Pope Francis was… Read More »

Undertale – Temmie Village with a pumpkin and knife

You are gonna have a bad time Grabs knife Hit’s pumpkin More torture I’m calling 911 if you don’t stop Abuse More abuse *Murders pumpkin* (Engine starts) Called 911 Tooth break sound More of that *Knock Knock! Whose There? Your murderer *dies* Your murderer who? tEM sAy hOi!!!! Torture Stab Stab Hit Stab ( and… Read More »

Advent 2016 – The Community of the Mother of Jesus

One of my favorite very short scripture text for the season of Advent comes from the Book of the prophet Isaiah. It’s a very simple sentence. “In the desert, Make ready the way of our God.” Advent calls us to frequently go to the desert. In sacred scripture the desert is often seen as a… Read More »

Fr. Brian Konopa’s Homily 2018-07-04 Independence Day

– A former president of the United States once said, “We have been the recipients “of the choicest bounties of heaven. “We have been preserved these many years “in peace and prosperity. “We have grown in numbers, wealth, and power “as no other nation has ever grown. “But we have forgotten God. “We have forgotten… Read More »