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Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma—Introduction

WILLIAM: My mother and my brother were murdered in front of me. He put the gun to my head and he had me beg for my life. I was ten–I’d just turned ten. JENNA: It’s hard to come out and say that I was a victim and that I was abused. Especially when you’re little… Read More »

Inside Google Translate

Google Translate is a free tool that enables you to translate sentences, documents and even whole websites instantly. But how exactly does it work? While it may seem like we have a room full of bilingual elves working for us, in fact all of our translations come from computers. These computers use a process called… Read More »

Latinos In America

When Latinos come to the United States, we have to educate ourselves and learn about the rules and laws necessary to have success in this country, such as how to become legal residents or citizens, how get a driver’s license, how to pay our taxes and even how buy a house. Life events like these… Read More »

Wiretapping the Secret Service can be easy and fun | Bryan Seely | TEDxKirkland

Translator: Araminta Dutta Reviewer: Queenie Lee Last year, a hacker recorded over 40 calls to the Secret Service and the FBI in one day, without anyone finding out. I think most people in here would agree that that was a bad idea. People on Twitter and the news talked about it, and some people even… Read More »

The Life and Legacy of Thomas Berry Panel 3

– My name is Frank Frost and it’s my privilege to moderate this morning’s panel on Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, and the journey of the universe. And we’re blessed to have this morning three very distinct perspectives on Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry. A Catholic nun and physicist from Philadelphia, an Episcopal priest… Read More »

Messengers of Peace Heroes 2019

This award acknowledges and recognizes the extraordinary service of young people and their contributions towards three main things: 1. Peace and dialogue 2. Community development and 3. To bring relief in times of need. It feels honored to be here. I’m so much grateful for such a golden opportunity. We have Messengers of Peace Heroes… Read More »

November 4, 2019 Board Meeting

Good evening. I would like to call to order of the November 4th Lake Washington School Board meeting. Please let the record reflect that all board members are present. I will now entertain a motion to approve the November 4th agenda. So moved. Second. It’s been moved by director Carlson and seconded by director Stewart… Read More »

Catholic Bible NAB for Android Apple and MP3 devices

This is Rick at BibleBible.com and I want to talk about the NAB Catholic audio Bible. The NAB is the New American Bible. It is the most trusted and widely used Catholic version of the Bible. You can load this audio Bible on your Android, or your Apple device, also on your MP3 or even… Read More »