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Catholics Call Out Boehner – Con Job

and now for our college of the day house view john bears perjuring himself that you can be in a religious values but his actions speak a little out of that his words there near terry commencement address at a cab league university and told graduates to live according to the catholic church’s teachings all… Read More »

Catholic schools: abortion & atheismᴴᴰ | Keziah Conroy [Ex Catholic]

So, the next speaker is the head of the UCL (University College London) Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society (ASH). She also just got funded on GoFundMe for her Masters, she was on the BBC for a few things. I remember she got really mad at me because I said, when I was advertising it (her… Read More »

Hardcore Lent Rituals By Filipino Catholics

you know catholics are practicing religious headed foul one week prior to easter and what they do and this is not into general public it’s a small group of people is they walk through the streets with sixty six pound crosses on their backs in the sweltering heat while they are whipping one another on… Read More »

Anne Hathaway Quits Catholicism Over Gay Brother

and happily has decided to quit catholicism because abhe older brother michael it came out and said that he is gay so he she says that she doesn’t want me part of a religion that doesn’t accept her all dependent on sexuality but they do the catholics do except from a sexuality they’re very big… Read More »

From Agnosticism to Catholicism: My Conversion Story (Part One)

G’day, my name is Matt Fradd and this is ascension presents over the next two videos I want to share with you how I went from being an agnostic to a Catholic It’s great to have you here many of you have asked me in the comments section Can I share my story with you… Read More »