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Ms Stella Young – Posthumous Alumni Community Service Award

I was on my second teaching round in a Melbourne High School, and I was about 20 minutes into a year 11 legal studies class when this boy put up his hand and said, “Hey Miss, when are you going to start doing your speech?” And I said, “What speech?” He said, “You know, like… Read More »

Jan Józef Lipski – ‘Free Cardinal Wyszyński’: Catholicism and democracy (70/215)

But I want to come back to Goździk. There was a moment during one of the rallies where I saw his talent. At some point, somebody shouted out, ‘Free Cardinal Wyszyński!’, which to me was entirely obvious. How can anyone be imprisoned for who knows what and why? The issue wasn’t because this was Cardinal… Read More »

Influencer Adina Sash Is Speaking Up For Jewish Women | Her Stories | NowThis

I come from an insular community that does not give a voice to women. – This is why I’m here to help break the systemic issue that’s going on in my community. – Keep it simple, like me. (upbeat music, whooshing) It should be that women should be reinvigorated to stand up for themselves regarding… Read More »

How rapper Nipsey Hussle gave back to the community that raised him

JOHN YANG: Nipsey Hussle, a Grammy-nominated rapper, was shot to death over the weekend in Los Angeles. His death is being mourned, not just because the loss of his promising talent. It was also a blow to the African-American community in South L.A., where he had turned his life around dramatically, and was working to… Read More »