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Is Abortion Okay Because It’s Legal?

And we go to Rich in Illinois, listening on 88.1 FM. Rich, your comment for Trent Horn. Yes sir, thanks for taking my call. I think as long as the society is what it is, that people have different addictions, drug addictions, alcohol, gambling, you know, the drugs, that these children are not going to… Read More »

Oddball Fringe Groups vs. The Catholic Church

I’M MICHAEL HICHBORN, AND THIS IS THE AMERICAN LIFE LEAGUE REPORT. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the encyclical that condenses and confirms the Catholic Church’s 2000-year tradition against the dehumanizing effects of contraception and abortion. 63 so called Catholic organizations recently took out an ad in Italy’s largest newspaper calling on… Read More »

Catholic Campaign for Anti-Catholic Activities

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252deff0deflang1033{fonttbl{f0fswissfprq2fcharset0 Arial;}{f1fswissfprq2 Arial;}} {*generator Msftedit;}viewkind4uc1pardf0fs20 If1rquotef0 m Michael Hichborn, and this is the American Life League Report. After the Catholic Campaign for Human Development was recently discovered to have been granting money to pro-abortion radicals, they pulled some of their funding. Ok … defunding evil organizations is a good start, but the CCHDf1rquotef0 s… Read More »

What Does Catholic Healthcare Look Like?

Today, one in every six patients in the U.S. receives care at a Catholic hospital. More and more hospitals across the country are affiliated with the Catholic health system, but patients don’t always know what that means. Well, most of the hospitals are nonprofit corporations, so they benefit from public funding, like state and federal… Read More »

When Does a Human Life Begin? (short version)

The view that we can’t know when life begins is common among those who support legal abortion. And because we can’t know, they say, this means pro-lifers shouldn’t impose their “religious belief” that life begins at conception on others by outlawing abortion. But the claim that a human being’s life begins at conception isn’t religious… Read More »

When is Abortion actually OK for Catholics?

There’s a lot of people who call themselves pro-life. Catholics specifically call themselves pro-life but it means more for Catholics than it does for others. I specifically want to address a concept that I saw on Louder with Crowder’s latest episode of changed my mind around the pro-life idea. In this segment Steven Crowder was… Read More »

Pope’s hardening views lets down Swiss Catholics

Marian Eleganti, auxiliary bishop in the diocese of Chur, defends Pope Francis. The Pope’s view on homosexuality, that it has no place priesthood, is not new. He’s only reinforcing the politics of his predecessors. In the ‘Ratio Fundamentalis’ in 2016 Pope Francis had already made clear that homosexuality has no place in the clergy, because… Read More »

Special Broadcast – Christ and Klopfer: Witnessing to a Wounded Abortionist

(bright piano music) – Christ and Klopfer. Witnessing to a wounded abortionist. On September 3rd, the notorious abortionist Dr. George Klopfer passed away. He operated out of centers in Gary, South Bend, and Fort Wayne. By his own estimate he completed about 30,000 abortions. Constant legal battles over unsafe practices eventually led to the permanent… Read More »

Obama at Notre Dame Signifies End of Catholic Church

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. On this program I want to talk about Barack Obama and his speech at the commencement of Notre Dame University. I believe that this has prophetic significance for the Catholic Church. Now let’s look at the Book of Revelation and see the future of the Catholic Church. In chapter 12, verse… Read More »

Catholic bishop in Springfield No communion for Madigan, Cullerton for supporting abominable Illino

Catholic bishop in Springfield No communion for Madigan, Cullerton for supporting abominable Illino Speaker and President have been banned from receiving communion in Springfield area churches because of their support . The decree barring Illinois two highest ranking lawmakers — both Catholic from Chicago — from taking the sacrament was issued by Thomas Paprocki, bishop… Read More »