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By | December 27, 2019

Hey, nothing like that, bro.
The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in
‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai
is asking for them. He’s wondering why the
uploads are not regular. Make some. Arggh! ‘Let’s swim!’
……please….. Bro, we shall swim after we’re
done with spraying pesticides. Fine, we shall.
Don’t worry about that. ‘Needhi naadi oke katha’ ‘The movie is directed by Venu Adugula’ ‘Releasing on 23rd March” Bro, please!
Let’s go for swimming. I’m begging you. I’ll do what ever
you ask me to. Bro, we shall go to swim.
Please.. We shall go to swim!
Please bro. Bro, let’s go for swimming
after eating. ‘Surlu paltilu.’ Oh, God!
What a dive! Hey, no one could dive like you!
It was an amazing dive! You dived just like a frog! Thanks, uncle..
Thank you. I swear on my mother.
It was an amazing jump. No one could dive like you. That guy jumped like a girl.
I will show you how it’s done from that height. To hell with him! I will show you
what I can dive now. I will do a record breaking, extraordinary dive! Why isn’t he heeding to us?
He’ll die if he jumps from there.?? Hey, don’t do it.
I’m warning you, don’t do it. There are big rocks over here.
There is a big boulder. Don’t do it. I’m begging you.
Bodiga , don’t jump. No, I’ll not listen to you. I’d rather lose my life than respect.
I’m jumping at any cost. Don’t jump. Hey, try to understand what he’s saying. You’ll die if you hit those boulders.
Your head will get smashed. Hey!! Hey, don’t do it.
-Don’t do it, boy. Hey!
-Hey, don’t do it. Hey!
-Don’t do it. Oh, God!
Where is this guy? Hey, stop crying. Will you try diving? Hey! Get lost.. Go to a corporate hospital! How long are you going to
make me do this? ‘Gangavva’s well..
Get caught.. Gone forever!’ Uncle.
I’m joining. Hey, don’t come.
Your mom will scold us. I know how to swim. I will slap you.
Get lost. What rubbish are you talking?
Do you know how to swim? Just for this one time.
Please let me come. Get lost..
-I will slap you. Go! You shouldn’t swim here. Idiots. Acting as if they own the pond. I’ll take them to task. Who is swimming in the pond? Who gave you permission to swim
in the pond? I’ll take them to task once I catch them. How about the water for fields? Who gave you permission to
swim in the pond? Guys, run!
-Hey, who gave you permission? Run..
-You scoundrels, I’ll throw your clothes. Guys, run away.
-You idiots! Who has let you swim? Take this.
-Hey, why did you get it? You idiots!
Die.. How come you will not let me swim?
-Die! How come you will not let me swim?
-Die.. Die..
– No, please don’t.. I’ll get you fined for this.
Come on. Come on..
-Get out. All of you, get out. I’ll get you fined for this. Gangavva. We apologise for our mistake.
Now give our clothes back. Go naked then! Do you have any idea how the
well will suffer damages Is it for all of you to swim in it? Don’t you have shame or sense? That’s not it, sister-in-law.
-What is it then? That’s not it.
-Then? Why did you do this? Don’t you have any shame to join
them in this? You’ll not get your clothes. I’ll take them to task at the village panchayat
tomorrow. Rs. 5000 fine for each person.
Get whoever you can for support.
– Get your family members. We’ll not make this mistake again.
-I know that’ll not happen. Get lost.
-I don’t know. I am not going to return your clothes. Get lost when you’re asked to.
Don’t argue about next time. It seems this mistake doesn’t happen again.
To hell with your mistakes. Just do what you’re asked to do.
-Who took them? Don’t talk about uncle.
-He took you guys there? Did uncle take you there?
you all polluted the water by encouraging all these! He forced us into doing it. Do you have a speck of common sense?
You idiot. Uncle Anji, she humiliated us. Who told you so?
Nothing like that. She will forget about it another two days. She’ll remember nothing. Do not worry?
-Is it? We can swim again once she forgets
about it. ‘Master… Uncle…’ Hey, do you all have waist bands?
-Yes, sir.. Have you all brought dried bottle gourds?
-Yes, sir. Do you all have swimming clothes?
-Yes, sir. Get one extra piece. Do not wear wet clothes or else
you will get rashes. Hey bendelu.. Do not make a mess.
Let go and swim. No..
-Hey, come on.. Nothing doing. There’s no helping it.
Hey! Varun! Do not cry.
Don’t get me mad. Come on. Come on, let’s go. Get that dried bottle gourd. Come on.. Mommy! Come on Varun, let’s go. Varun, move your legs. I said move your legs. Hey, Varun! Are you crazy? Do it now.
Yes. Come on.
That’s it. Do it.. Lower..
Put your hands lower towards stomach. This way. Turn around. Put them under and turn around.
This way. ‘Cock….Hen……?’ Hey.
-Yes, Uncle. Let’s play ‘Cock or hen’. Whoever gets caught will be submerged into the water. Yes, ok..
-Okay? -Yes.. Okay. One who plays cock wins and hen loses respectively. Is it Okay?
– Shall I start? -Yes. It’s a cock. Yes. It’s a cock. Cock. Cock.
Cock. Yes. Hen.
-Yes.. Yes.. Murmuring Hey, shall we play it again? I don’t want to play
your cock or hen game. I’m will go home and cook some mutton
curry for myself. Please leave me. Okay friends!
-Okay.. Okay, friends.
This is today’s video. Everyone is saying there’s a delay
in videos! Oh, God! What can I do?
It’s due to things like this. But, we’ll try to upload them sooner
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