Summit Middle School Community Service Awards | January 2019

By | September 14, 2019

good afternoon everyone I’m here with
some fantastic summit middle school students who are going to share their
experiences as servants really as their service to the community to each other
to their school and every twice a year the optimist club does a wonderful job
of recognizing these students for the outstanding service that they are giving
out there in the community as well as in their school and we’re gonna meet a
couple of seventh graders this afternoon that are going to share about their
experiences so Charlotte why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you’ve
been up to hi I’m Charlotte I usually for community
service I go to the dinners at the out Club and help serve and make sure the
community has enough food to provide such amazing stuff for Colorado so
Charlotte I had we had a group of people from Frisco elementary school go over a
couple of Tuesday’s ago and help with that they would never worked so hard in
their life so tell us a little bit about what you do when you’re there when we’re
there usually we just help serve food we are usually behind the dinner serving on
fuels plates usually they have something delicious to prepare to help us so how
do you make time for that and and do all of your school work and make sure that
you’re being a good student all those academic kinds of things how do you do
both I try to keep all my schoolwork in school I try to get it done as fast as I
can so that I don’t have to do it after school and I have time to help ever do
everything else so it’s a nice balance of being able to do the academics at
school get all your schoolwork done focus on that and then go do this
service to our community yes so who are the people that come and have dinner
with you at the odds Club lots of people from join together and have a nice meal
whoever doesn’t really want to do they get do get to eat the leftovers umm yeah
usually we get serve dinner too as well great
so Charlotte if you were going to encourage other students to help at the
Elks Club what would be your message to them
you should definitely do it it’s a lot of work but it’s also makes you feel
really good like you’re helping the community nice it’s that feeling inside
isn’t it yes thank you so much nice job so Jack yes it’s your turn now so tell
us a little bit about the service that you’ve been doing in our community so
Ivan volunteering at the local Breckenridge library I’ve been helping
out with a club after school and I help out the kids whenever they need help we
do different type of fun activities and they just help out around prepare and
clean up and help in between all the activities who are the students jack
that come to the after school closely some breckel kids and they come over
walking there and it’s on Wednesdays and Thursdays and so when they walk over
they come they come downstairs we talk about what they will do and then we get
into the activity can you describe one of the activities
that you’ve done with them an activity we did recently was we did a cool little
shark thing where you would build your own shark and you’d move it and it could
chomp and it was kind of fun I did activity and every other week we do LEGO
Club because that’s what they really like to do occasionally sounds like
you’re focused on some kind of STEM kinds of activities out there lots of
interest are there boys and girls that come good so in there from Breckenridge
Elementary right and they can walk down the street yep just a little walk and
usually some people help walk down with them some of the school teacher every
once in a while because I used to be there and that’s at least what they did
then yeah so if they didn’t have students like you that were helping out
what what do you think do you think the club could sustain itself could the kids
get this great experience well you know they couldn’t what wouldn’t be able to
you could say get work done as fast and if they needed help it would be much
much longer until they could get that assistance mm-hmm who are the adults
that are helping out adults is another volunteer who also goes there every
Wednesday with me and also the librarian Megan who helps
out there and also I do this called tab and meme land all the library activities
and we do fun activities as well Wow so when you grow up do you think you’ll
do something like this in your big life I probably will because it helps out the
community and it’s just nice thing to do mm-hmm so if other kids wanted to get
involved what would you what would you tell them I would say it’s a great place
you do lots of fun activities and when you volunteer it just helps out your
community and it’s just a great feeling as well I agree so according to these
wonderful seventh graders if you want to help out in the community there are lots
of opportunities out there so Charlotte had enough congratulations on being
optimist Certificate of Excellence from the optimist club and Jack
congratulations to you Jack Johnson outstanding contributions to the
community thank you thank you thank you good afternoon now we’re here with our
fantastic sixth graders at Summit middle school and we’re gonna hear a little bit
about why the optimist club of Summit County has recognized these students for
their outstanding service so we’re going to start with you Eli so this is Eli
love and you’ve been recognized for a lot of hours that you’ve put into
something that means a lot to you why don’t you tell us what you’ve been doing
okay so this summer I went to Mexico to build houses my church that I go to so I
got a lot of hours from that and I also with my church I did something called
VBS and I watched a bunch of kids so big VBS is Vacation Bible School so you did
that in the summer with the kids yeah so volunteering along with the adults in
the program so you went to Mexico to build houses so your church was involved
in that program so what do they like kids do when they’re there to build
houses what kind of work did you do we basically did the same things as the
parents cuz and there wasn’t very many kids there I was the second youngest so
were you hammer and nails framing walls yeah yeah Wow
so who are these houses for they’re for people in the city of Flores that didn’t
have a they had a smaller house that got like do left and it was robbed or
something so we went and built their house Wow Wow do you think that when is
this something you’re interested in in terms of do you just like the service
and the work to help people or do you also like construction we don’t think
you’ll be a contractor yeah maybe an architect great so if kids want to get
involved in this kind of service where sometimes we do service in Summit County
and sometimes would you do it outside it sir the county but it really serves lots
of different people so if somebody wanted to get involved in this what
could they do ask ask could they ask you connected
that kind of work involved into good idea so you might not belong to that
that same church or but you might be able to ask other groups that you know
yeah that’s a great idea congratulations nice job thank you all
right so Lily why don’t you tell us a little
bit about the service that you’re being recognized for today
um so I’m being recognized for the food drive so who’s doing the food drive and
well I started it but then a bunch of other girls we so that happened here at school yes so
how did you get the word out about that you were doing a food drive um so I was
walking upstairs and then my friend might past me and I was like hey what do
you think about doing a future says that sounds great so a couple days later I
went to talk to the principal so when you have an idea there are adults here
right that you can go to and talk about your your ideas so how did you know that
some people needed some food um well so I’ve done food drives in the
past like Ivan said it’s just like you know people were in the county could so
you collected the food and then what you do with it and me eat it different oh
nice and FERC has it has the food bank they run the food bank in the county
don’t they yes yeah so when you think about that kind of service what do you
think the people that are benefiting from this how do you think they’re they
feel when they’re able to get some food that they need I think they feel
probably good because like they like can’t afford food mm-hmm nice so if
other kids see a need like this like when people need food or they might need
some other kind of service how do you spread the word at summit middle school nice idea
yeah so do you have some ideas for another service project really not yet
do you think the inspiration will come to you yeah okay so if there’s some kids
out there at the middle school that have some ideas you’re probably the go-to
person right you want to just make it happen yeah very nice so I want to
congratulate Eli love and Liliana brace for your outstanding contributions to
our community congratulations to both of you thank you nice job all right summit middle school and the
community of Summit County we are here with a special eighth grader at Summit
middle school Jacob stabile and he is going to share with us about what kind
of community service he has been doing in the last couple of months so Jacob
what have you been up to I’ve been um volunteering for a program called I’ve
been volunteering for a program called SOS it’s a free program I surely am NOT
we get to ski at the Vail Resorts since the places that they owned and I’m
currently this weekend I’m gonna go and help out kids learn how to snowboard so Jacob did you start the SOS program
which is the snowboard outreach Society did you start in that program when you
were younger I did what grade did you start in you don’t really know I know
elementary school oh my goodness so probably like third grade around there
so the SOS program the one thing that it does is it lets kids go snowboarding or
skiing right and teaches them hell yeah also um
you got to go through four years of University yes and during those four
years you can volunteer for like the animal shelter and there’s a horse ranch
and there’s you can also volunteer to help serve food at UM the Elks Lodge
over and Silverthorne mm-hmm so lots of choices for kids if they’re part of it
so the university program I know a little bit about it but four years is a
long time to dedicate to that so how do you balance the work that you do with
SOS and the fun you have with us OS and and all your schoolwork it’s hard except
um they always do it on the weekends and they’re very understanding if you can’t
make it because you have some other event going on or if you have lots of
squirt you need to get caught up on so the SOS program kind of prioritizes that
you have to make sure that schools going well and you’re doing
in your classes and then making sure you have time for the activities at SOS so
when you work with the younger kids have you done that before I did that in
December mm-hmm so you’re out on the mountain with these kids right how we’re
like fourth grade fourth graders pretty young so if you have what kind of
message do you have for the younger kids about SOS just um try to have fun don’t
get hurt what about do you encourage them to go
through the university program definitely I had a lot of fun I think
they would too so how many kids at Summit middle school do you think are
involved the university program lots of kids benefit from that don’t thing so if
kids want to get involved in the SOS and they don’t really know anything about it
how would they learn more about that um I know they have a website mm-hmm and
also on Third Street they have where the haunted house used to be is that that’s
the good reference point that’s there um that’s their main headquarters area so
we meet a lot and talk do fun activities who are the adults that along with SLS
and Joan and oh I can’t Jones Joan is the main person and then
she does the University and stuff and then uh Oh Lea is the other one um she
is in charge of learn to read which is the one on helping kids with right now
so when you’re in university and you’re doing some of the activities around that
are there is there some work that you and the other university students do
together to build your leadership skills oh we did do that
mm-hmm there’s also summer camp so you can do that help with that and they have
lots of opportunities to help with that so for folks who think SOS is just about
skiing and writing mm-hmm what would you say SOS is all about
I’ve been fun and learning how to be a good student and person in their society
nice yeah so school helps us do that but these other kinds of activities help us
do that help us a little more help you a little more so yeah so as you continue
in SOS is there an opportunity after university after University you go right
now you have an opportunity you can either be a peer leader or a peer
volunteer I’m doing going to your direction right now which so in those it
just helps out with everything else like the leaders help out with people in the
university and volunteers help out with people in learn deride nice so you have
the opportunity to continue this work mm-hmm outside of school and then bring
yourselves here to be part of it yep they went to great thank you so much
this is wonderful so Jacobs to be oh this is your outstanding contribution to
the community certificate from the wonderful optimist club congratulations
thank you thank you so thank you Summit County and thank you to the optimist
club I’m looking out into the audience of our wonderful volunteers who provide
so much for our Summit County youth all free of charge
all because we care so much about our kids so thank you all right

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