Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute

By | August 19, 2019

Jean Carlos Nieves
Rodriguez, 27 years old. John started working
at McDonald’s at age 15 to help support his
family, and was recently made the manager of a
check cashing store. He purchased his
first home this spring so that his mother
could live there too. He loved to escape to the
beach, though his best friend called him a big Teddy
bear who was happy when everyone depended on him. Stanley Almodovar
III, 23 years old. Stanley was a
pharmaceutical technician who kidded that the
drug life chose me. He always loved to change
his hair color and style almost as much as he loved
flirting with the camera. He once proclaimed
yes, I wear makeup, and I’m still a man about it. Deonka Deidra Drayton, 32. DD was an employee of
the Pulse nightclub who had overcome struggles
like a long ago car accident and a more
recent bout with drugs. She resumed attending
church and writing poetry. Luis Daniel Conde, 39 years old. Luis shared much
with his partner in love and business, Juan
Pablo Rivera Velazquez. They even went to the same
Puerto Rican high school. At their salon, shy and
affectionate Juan Pablo created hairstyles, while gregarious
Luis touched up clients’ make up and turned up
the techno music. Juan Pablo Rivera
Velazquez, 37 years old. Juan owned a hair salon together
with his partner, Luis Daniel Conde. The salon had a
loyal client base and occasionally
offered free services to victims of domestic abuse. He and Luis were
together for 16 years, and died together at the club. Javier Jorge-Reyes,
40 years old. Javier loved selling the
latest fashions and accessories at Gucci, and the company
has arranged for his body to be sent back to Puerto Rico. He playfully reimagined
his name on Facebook as Harvey George Kings,
and his pregnant friend recalled how he had an uncanny
knack for making her baby kick. Shane Evan Tomlinson,
33 years old. Shane wowed crowds as the
lead singer of a cover band called Frequency. He posted on Facebook
about his own anxiety after another performer,
Christina Grimmie of The Voice, was gunned down in
Orlando the night before. Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon, 37. Danny liked to wear black
and grow his sideburns long in his small town
in Puerto Rico. He encountered many bullies and
moved to Florida on his own. He fell in love with
John Carlos Mendez Perez after they met at Perfumania. And the fragrance that
started the romance was called Declaration
by Cartier. Jean Carlos Mendez
Perez, 35 years old. Jean sold fragrances
at a Perfumania outlet. He later saw one
appreciative customer who had taken his
recommendation at a club, and the two began an
eight-year relationship. Jean and Danny Wilson Leon
died together at Pulse. Alejandro Barrios
Martinez, 21 years old. Alejandro left his
native Cuba in 2014 and was still
perfecting his English. His mother was granted,
through a letter to the new US Embassy in Havana,
a humanitarian visa to reclaim his body. Brenda Lee Marquez McCool, 49. She was a loving
mother to 11 children. She survived cancer twice. She loved salsa
dancing, which she was enjoying with her
gay son, Isaiah, whom she shielded from the gunfire. Christopher Joseph
Sanfeliz, 24 years old. Chris was a personal
banker at JP Morgan Chase, visiting Orlando from Tampa. He was an excellent dancer
who taught his friends how to do the bachata. Franky Jimmy Dejesus
Velazquez, 50 years old. Jimmy was a visual
merchandiser at Forever 21, and he joked that he was
older than the demographic. In his younger days, he traveled
the world as a professional Jíbero dancer. Juan Chevez-Martinez, 25. Juan impressed his bosses
as a housekeeping supervisor for resorts. He was one of three Mexican
citizens who died at Pulse. They were all later honored by
their homeland’s government. Jerald Arthur
Wright, 31 years old. Jerry loved both cats and dogs. His own canine was called Rusty. He had a quiet and
kind personality that suited his Disney
workplace, where he was assigned to a position
on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and before
that Tomorrowland. Antonio Brown, 29 years old. Antonio, an alumnus
of Florida A&M, handled human resources
at a Lowe’s store. In college, he joined
the ROTC program and later served a year-long
tour of duty in Kuwait. In 2012, the army awarded
him the rank of Captain. Miguel Angel Honorato,
30 years old. Miguel, who came to the United
States from Mexico at age 4, was a soccer fan and a
catering company manager. He leaves behind his three
sons who were 15, 2, and 1. He recently organized a
Ferrari-themed birthday party for his youngest. Anthony Luis Laureano Disla,
25 years old. Anthony moved from Puerto
Rico three years ago to become a choreographer. He showed a talent
for dancing by age 10, and became a master of many
styles, ballroom, tango, salsa, and mambo. KJ Morris 37 years old. KJ worked as a bouncer
at Pulse, and had moved from Hawaii in
April to help her mother and grandmother. She loved drag performances,
college basketball, and MMA fights. Edward Sotomayor,
Jr., 34 years old. Edward made it his
mission to open the doors for gay Americans
to travel the world, and recently coordinated the
first ever gay cruise to Cuba. He had a signature accessory,
his prized black top hat. Frank Hernandez, 27 years old. Frankie managed a Calvin Klein
store and lived for fashion. He was planning to go to a pride
celebration in New Orleans. He liked to show off a
tattoo on his forearm that read, “Love has no gender.” Akyra Monet Murray,
18 years old. Akyra was on vacation
after her graduation from a Philadelphia
Catholic high school. She was third in her class. She led the ladies
Spurs basketball team with more
than 1,000 points, and earned a full
college scholarship. She was the youngest
of the victims. Joel Rayon Paniagua,
31 years old. Joel found work on
construction sites and sent portions
of his paycheck home to relatives in Mexico. A loyal churchgoer,
he came to America because his cousin said there
was a lot of crime, violence, and death where he grew up. Jonathan Antonio Camuy
Vega, 24 years old. Jonathan was an
assistant producer on La Voz kids Telemundo
singing competition show for young viewers. He died, according
to investigators, after standing between
the shooter and his friend Mary, who was the
mother of a newborn. Yilmary Rodriguez
Solivan, 24 years old. Mary planned this Saturday
night out with friends, a treat after she gave birth to her
second son three months ago. She steered everyone
towards a gay club to avoid the kind of
violence that had recently occurred at another local club. Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez,
25 years old. Geraldo, who liked
to be called Drake, saved up for his
trip from Puerto Rico to Orlando all to see his
pop idol, Selena Gomez, perform in concert the
night before the shooting. He was working toward
his college degree with big dreams and
an optimistic outlook. Gilberto Ramon Silva
Menendez, 25 years old. Gilberto was an only
child who left Puerto Rico three years ago. He was completing his studies
in health care management, and the dog show
community saluted him as “one of our own.”
his favorite breed was a saint bernard. Mercedez Marisol
Flores, 26 years old. Mercedes moved far
from her home in Queens to study literature
at Valencia College. She had a love of music fostered
by close family members who were DJs. She hoped to become
a party planner. Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz,
22 years old. Peter, who called himself
Omi, worked for UPS and liked to draw. He was a fun magnet, so
much so that his aunt said, “If Peter is not at the
party, no one wants to go.” Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala,
33 years old. Rody handled other people’s
blood donations for a living, and was recently promoted
to platelet supervisor. He was a skilled
salsa dancer and also a prankster who
could rock a bow tie. Paul Terrell Henry,
41 years old. Paul was a strong
singer who could play the piano and the organ,
though he never had a lesson. He worked in sales
at a resort, and was proud that one of
his two daughters recently earned her
high school diploma. Xavier Emmanuel
Serrano, 35 years old. Xavier moved from
Puerto Rico 10 years ago and booked gigs as a
professional salsa dancer at Walt Disney World and
on large cruise ships. He had a five-year-old son,
and often took side jobs for extra dollars. He recently found
work at a shoe store because the hours were
better for raising his boy. Tevin Eugene Crosby,
25 years old. Tevin was a young business owner
of a Michigan-based marketing company with 20 employees. He spread enthusiasm
and inspired ambition among his colleagues
with motivational memes and the hashtag #LoveMyTeam. Amanda Alvear, 25 years old. Amanda shed 180 pounds with the
help of surgery and exercise. She hoped to leave
her job in a pharmacy once she completed
her nursing degree. She documented her new look
in selfies and treated herself and her nieces to new clothes. Eddie Justice. 30 years old. Eddie worked as an accountant. He texted his mother
during the attack. While waiting in the hospital,
his mother described him as a young professional who
lives in a sky house like the Jefferson’s. She said he liked to live rich. Work, Eddie. His relatives described him
as a mama’s boy at heart with a smile as
bright as his future. Angel LA Candelario-Padro,
28 years old. Angel had recently moved
from Chicago to Orlando and found a job that he
liked in a medical practice for eye doctors. He had his own mission, though,
on the side, leading workout classes as a Zoomba instructor. Simon Adrian Carrillo
Fernandez, 31 years old. Simon boosted the
morale at the McDonald’s that he managed by
bringing his colleagues cakes on their birthdays. Born in Venezuela, he had
just traveled to Canada with his partner,
Oscar Aracena-Montero. They stopped to
see Niagara Falls. Oscar Aracena-Montero,
26 years old. Oscar, a business student,
who recently returned home from a Canadian vacation
with his partner Simon, who also died at Pulse. Last year the two
chose three chihuahuas to liven up the house
that they bought together. Jason Benjamin
Josaphat, 19 years old. Jason was studying computer
science at Valencia College. He developed passions for
photography, hip hop dance, and gymnastics. And his high school
classmates recalled he would playfully challenge
his fellow members of the cheer squad to tumbling contests. Leroy Valentin
Fernandez, 25 years old. Roy recently moved to Orlando
to care for his mother and took a job as an
apartment rental agent. His coworkers recall
that he liked to blast Adele songs in the office. In his spare time, he
choreographed original drag routines, with many set to
Beyonce and J-Lo tracks. Enrique Rios, 25 years old. Enrique was a faithful
churchgoer, nursing student, and elder care social worker. He lived with his
grandmother in Brooklyn. He could dance the
bachata and the soca. He was on vacation in Orlando
to celebrate a good friend’s birthday, Darryl Roman Burt
II, 29 years old. Darryl administered financial
aid to military students at a Jacksonville college. A former McDonald’s
manager, he just completed his master’s degree
in human resources management, and was celebrating at Pulse. Cory James Connell,
21 years old. Cory balanced his studies at
Valencia College with his job at a public supermarket. He was working toward a goal,
to join the fire department. After his passing,
fire officials made him an honorary
firefighter. Martin Benitez
Torres, 33 years old. Martin was newly enrolled as
a pharmacy student in Tampa. He was in Orlando to visit his
aunt and other family members. That day, he posted
photos of the food that his mother
in Puerto Rico had sent to Orlando for all
their relatives to enjoy. Luis Vielma, 22 years old. Luis was working towards
becoming an EMT first responder while he worked at the
Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando. Harry Potter author
JK Rowling tweeted how her connection
to Luis touched her so deeply that she
couldn’t stop crying. Omar Capo, 20 years old. Omar held jobs at
Target and Starbucks while he set his sights on
being a professional dancer and actor. After the shooting,
his grandmother flew to be with family, and
jetBlue flight attendants circulated a note of support
for passengers to sign. Upon landing, each
deplaning passenger offered her personal
condolences, and some added long
letters and cash donations. Eric Ivan Ortiz-Rivera,
36 years old. Eric held retail jobs at
Toys R Us and then Ross. He did not frequent
clubs like Pulse, but followed a
crowd of friends who had begun the night at
a house warming party. He is survived by his
husband of nearly one year. Juan Ramon Guerrero,
22 years old. Juan was in his
third year of college with a side job
as a telemarketer, and had begun a romance
with Drew Leinonen. He came out to his
family not long ago. And for his upcoming
birthday, they were planning to go
ahead with his party anyway, with his mother
cooking his favorite foods. Christopher Andrew
Leinonen, 32 years old. Christopher, who went by Drew,
was a mental health therapist who founded a gay-straight
alliance in high school. He was a vegetarian,
an EDM enthusiast, and a film buff with a
massive collection of DVDs. Friends and family predicted
wedding bells for Drew and his soulmate, Juan,
who died with him at Pulse. It’s time to stop the bleeding. Let’s show the world
that love conquers hate. Join me. Join me. Join me and the
Human Rights Campaign to demand common sense laws
to protect the LGBTQ community and all Americans
from hate violence. Unete hoy la Campania de
los Derechos Humanos y mostremos al mundo que
la amor vence al odio. Love conquers hate.

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    I like how they matched the celebrities with the victims that they share something with. Like Harry Shum Jr honoured the victim who enjoyed dancing, and Melissa Benoist honoured the person who had two dogs. This video is so beautiful.

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    The entire LGBT narrative was bullshitt and made by government prosecution. His search history indicated he was looking for a club downtown Orlando, after being turned away from Disney. it just turned out to be Pulse

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    I've watched this so many times and I'm always left with the thought… why? If there is a God, why did he create people who are capable of taking another's life? I think the answer is — embrace one another and try to understand one another. Don't make people feel left alone and be there for them so nothing like this ever happens again. And fuck you, NRA.

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    And how many mass shootings have we had since? 10? 15? I've lost count, but it needs to stop.
    Right now.
    There's no excuse, no reason for these to keep happening. I don't care if you think guns are your right.
    Living is our right. Living should've been their right.
    if you seriously think giving more people guns will stop this kind of tragedy, go fuck yourself.

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    But what happened in Orlando made me realise that if people hated me for being me, then fuck them.
    This forced me to open my eyes and accept myself because what’s the point of hating who you are.
    I’d want die lovng who I am. No one else’s opinions matter.

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  47. Kayla kudo Post author

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    my heart breaks as it did the hours after waking up and seeing the news. my heart stretches as fast as it can to cover them, their families, and those who cannot come out, as well those who have and still face the hardships. i’m with you, i understand, and i love you so much.

  59. Clarence C. Post author

    Three years out and the pain still cuts so deep. As a gay man whose hometown is β€œThe City Beautiful” (Orlando), I don’t know if this vicious tragedy will ever stop hurting, but even through agonizing heartbreak we must all dedicate ourselves to being the change we want see in this world: we must love out loud with whole of our hearts; we must never allow fear to deter us from enjoying the beauty and the fullness of the human experience; we must never forget.

    These 49 precious souls are still part of our rainbow family and we will love them always. Their lives were stolen from them, but their stories will never be done…not as long as we remember them with love in our hearts and our minds.

    It is ours, the survivors they left behind, to grieve for them and for all the potential that one coward believed he had the right to cut short, but we can never allow hate to win. We must live and love loud and proud because I believe that it’s what our Pulse brothers and sisters would have us do.

    Though the pain can easily consume us if we let it, and though we can never erase the images of that night from our minds, when we remember each of the victims, let us not think of how they died, but how they lived.

  60. shineedays mmmfx Post author

    Can’t believe monsters like this omar exist those people were just trying to have a good time
    and some self hating psychopath couldn’t stand others being be happy while he was miserable
    β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œmay all souls rest in peace it's been 3 Years!

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    Rest In Peace – Love Never Fails – Stop the Hate.

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    It’s been three years and I still cry. Please STOP we’re all the same.

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    Using the bible to justify hate is disgusting. It doesn't serve its purpose if that's the case then. God doesn't care how many bible verses you have memorized. He cares how you treat people. Don't use the bible as a tool to hurt other people because whatever sin you point out in one person is no different than ones your guilty of. God only wants us to love one another. How you judge your fellow will be used as a measurement of how God will judge you. Take note of that.
    For the victims of this evil act, Rest in peace.. God's love all will never be forgotten..


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