Stop DSEI 2019: Stop Arming Israel

By | September 4, 2019

. We’re here outside the London Excel
Centre, to voice our opposition to the DSEI arms fair, the largest arms fair in the world that comes to London every two years. It’s horrific what’s going on in the
Excel Centre. The amount of money that gets made off of innocent people dying
is disgusting and we have to put a stop to it. We’re seeing weapons coming in, tanks on
the back of trucks. Right now they’re filling up the Excel Centre with these
weapons so we’re here as people power, we’re mobilizing to try and stop the
arms fair, try and stop these trucks getting in in the first place today we’re here under the banner of
Stop Arming Israel. Israel will have its own designated pavilion in the arms fair, to market its weapons which are tested on Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Battle tested on the broken bodies of ordinary people, of children and civilians, of
journalists and of medics. It is a horrific situation that our government
is profiting from an arms trade that is allowing regimes all around the world to
commit brutal human rights violations. And over the past year Israel has sniped
and killed over 250 unarmed Palestinian protesters whilst they were marching to
demand their rights to freedom. It’s strange having this in my home borough,
in Newham. these weapons are being sold to states like Israel who use them
illegally against the blighted people of Palestine. So it’s vital to come and stop
the war here where it starts, so that it can’t get any further. War starts here.
It’s here in the UK and we really need to show our opposition as people
who are living here in this country, we’re opposed to our government being a
part of this, we’re opposed to these companies being here on our doorstep.
That’s why it’s so important for people to come down to the Stop the Arms Fair
protests. There’s going to be activities on different days all week, all of this
week taking place up until the arms fair begins next week, and the aim is to try
and stop the arms fire from coming. And we can only do that with people like you,
coming out here and join the people power and join the protest against the arms
fair. It’s vital that other people come down
because you can see the the police turnout is huge. the police don’t want us protesting mass murderers and illegal weapon sales so we
need as many people here as we can get. It’s absolutely important that all
people, people of conscience come together, stand together, and say we will
not allow this arms trade to continue. We will not allow these arms sales to
continue, that we will stand with one voice and say stop arming Israel.

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