St. Vincent’s College at Sacred Heart University

By | September 6, 2019

(upbeat music) – St. Vincent’s College with
Sacred Heart University. We’re a new school, and
Sacred Heart University has infused us already with
so many areas of support. St. Vincent’s College
offers the associate degree in nursing; it offers an
associate degree in radiography, and it offers multiple
certificate programs. (upbeat music) – From the beginning of the program, within the first few
weeks, they are actually in the hospital, in the medical center, taking care of patients,
but prior to that, they do a lot of hands-on
in the skills laboratory. – What I really love here is
that I’m super comfortable just approaching a professor,
and they know me by name. I never hesitate to ask a question. (upbeat music) – The field of radiography
is ever-changing. It’s very abstract, and
students, they kind of need that one-on-one time sometimes
with their instructor, or even, you know, that two-to-one
time with an instructor. Just to be able to hone in
on something and get it. And I think that’s one
of the top qualities our radiography program can
give to perspective students, or students that are
currently in the program. (upbeat music) – We have so many tutors here for us, specific to our fields; our teachers go out of their way to help us. To actually visualize what
you’re learning in class and then seeing it in
clinical, it kind of just makes everything click a little bit better. (upbeat music)

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